300% rental increase at Quinta Market hit


Manila third district councilors slammed the 300 percent increase in stall rentals at the newly renovated Quinta market in Quiapo, Manila.

Councilor Letlet Zarcal, in a privilege speech before the council last week, said vendors complained of the excessive stall rentals, contrary to the order of Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada to make the stalls affordable to vendors.

Based on the contract, only P15 per square meter will be collected for every four by four square meter stall.
However, Marketlife, the operator, is billing them P67.25 per square meter.

According to Zarcal, Estrada agreed to a two-year moratorium on an increase of stall rentals.

“I am wondering why Marketlife is not following the mayor’s instruction,” he said.

Councilor Re Fugoso said the new rental rate is not acceptable because it was agreed upon in the hearing before the approval of the joint venture between the City of Manila and Marketlife that there would be minimal rental fees.

Marketlife, meanwhile, defended the increase saying it was because of huge expenses incurred in rebuilding the market.

It was learned that of all the renovated markets, it was only the developer of Quinta Market that did not follow the rental fees agreed upon.


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