300,000 to receive Makatizen cards


Makati Mayor Abigail Binay said the city government will distribute the all-in-one Makatizen Card to around 300,000 residents, students and city government employees by the end of the year.

Speaking before local chief executives and members of the business sector at the 5th Regional Competitiveness Summit and Awards Ceremony held at the Philippine International Convention Center, the mayor said the cutting-edge program is now being rolled out to the city’s 33 barangays.

“To date, the registration of city government employees and eligible Makati-based national government workers is well underway. We have also started to roll out the Makatizen Universal Card System to the city’s 33 barangays with the goal of registering around 300,000 residents by the end of the year,” Binay said.

The Makatizen Card is a public private partnership (PPP) between Makati and G-xchange and iBayad Online Ventures, Inc. It is a comprehensive universal card system that offers residents, students and city government employees expanded and improved access to government services.

The card allows recipients to receive cash allowances, stipends, and other cash benefits, including those provided under the Makati Health Program (Yellow Card), Senior Citizens program (Blu Card), PWD card and Solo Parent Card, among others.

“Aside from making day-to-day tasks much more convenient for Makatizens, the project also allows greater transparency in the implementation of the city’s various social welfare programs, thereby ensuring that the right people receive the right benefits in the most efficient way,” the mayor explained.

The Makatizen Card can also be used to pay fees and taxes, personal remittances and other financial transactions. The magnetic strip contains vital information about the bearer: his address, gender, blood type, as well as emergency contact numbers. The card is also equipped with a Near-Field Communication feature which will allow city offices equipped with iBayad machine readers to verify the identity of residents and employees with just a single tap.

Binay shared that she used her card to pay her water bill in the wee hours of the morning.

“The Makatizen Card project represents this year’s theme: Technology and Innovation is Key to Competitiveness. It is not only a financially inclusive eco system that creates a digitally connected citizenry, it also takes the government—including all its services and processes—online,” she said.


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