375-MW Isabela solar projects


ILAGAN CITY: This city and two other towns in Isabela province are hosts to solar energy facilities with at least 375 megawatts capacity, expected to be fully operational by 2017.

Energy Secretary Zenaida Monsada has approved the 50-MW solar project in Cordon town and another 125-MW in Santa Maria for 25 years service contracts, according to Grenergy Solutions, Inc.

Ruth Briones, Greenergy Solutions Inc. chair-chief executive officer, said that a 100-MW project for Ilagan City led by European and Filipino investors has been approved and ready for construction this first quarter of the year.

Another 100-MW project is being processed at the Department of Energy central office and expected to be approved this year.

The project in Cordon town has been constructed in partnership with FirmGreen Phils. Inc. and FirmGreen Energy International Inc., while the Santa Maria town solar project will be constructed and financed with British-Indian investors as partners.

Mayor Josemarie Diaz said they are grooming Ilagan City as the solar energy capital of the country, being the primary solar power project host in the Cagayan Valley Region.

“We will continue helping finalize the solar energy farms to generate sustainable electricity and to feed into the local electricity grid,” Diaz said.


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  1. interesting to know how much land hectares were used and their classification for these solar power plants. i hope they did not convert the rice paddies (agricultural) for the power plant sites and therefore depriving the farmers of land to plant rice and compete with the food chain! and how much energy can these solar power plants generate yearly? a mere 675 million KWh, which is equivalent to about 85 MW capacity of fossil fired power plant. the 675 million MW will burden the consumers of the P8.90/KWh tariff rate as against those from fossil fired power plant at P4.25/KWh.