Industries allied with wood element to prosper this year


    The Year of the Dog brings fortune to those born in the Years of the Rabbit, Tiger, and Horse

    NOTHING beats patience and determination, smart habits, and tenacious spirit to manage an incoming year that’s dependent on uncertain developments. There’s a better way to build harmony between man and his environment, however, in order to sway the advantages to his side, in turn gaining a higher probability of attaining his goals for the whole year. Such as through the practice of feng shui, a Chinese practice where a site is configured so as to harmonize with the spiritual forces that inhabit it.

    It is with this belief that Marites Allen, the Philippines’ acknowledged feng shui queen, shares her forecast for 2018, the Year of the Earth Dog, in today’s observance of the Chinese New Year. She says this would help her colleagues, clients, and the general public in protecting their careers, health, and wealth for the coming year.

    “The year 2018 means very good sales; wood means influence… you also have to see whether the hour, the day, the month, and the year is compatible with you,” Allen says during the 13th Philippine Feng Shui Convention, held at the Marco Polo Hotel, in the Quezon City district of Ortigas, on Saturday, January 6.

    Reflecting on the distinctive characteristics of dogs, which are known to be determined, reliable, and true to their words by most pet owners, Allen says the year also represents a big boulder or mountain. The last Year of the Earth Dog occurred six decades ago and was marked with significant political events, numerous innovations in science and technology, and phenomenal episodes in the entertainment industry.

    Interestingly, 1898, which Allen also cited as a year of the dog, played a momentous role in the liberation of the Philippines from its prime colonizer, Spain.

    The current year, meanwhile, should be a flourishing one for the country, owing to the occurrence of the prosperity star borne by number 9—the center of the chart for 2018, Allen says. “More and more Filipinos will be interested in making their own things going,” she adds. “There’s going to be a lot of self-awareness, self-discovery, changes to their lifestyle, starting a new hobby.” The transition period for this year, she explains, was set at 5 a.m., February 4, as 2017’s transition period fell on February 3.

    Marites Allen with The Manila Times COO Blanca Mercado and TV host Boy Abunda during the convention.

    The feng shui master also says the top two beneficial elements of the Year of the Dog are wood and fire. There are four woods, two earths, one water, one fire, and zero metal for 2018, with the wood element representing sales while fire denotes optimism, joy, happiness, and hope.

    Wood element

    Describing the allies of the wood element as this year’s most fortunate sectors, Allen says interested entrepreneurs must pour investments into endeavors that harmonize with agriculture, botany, carpentry, fashion or clothing, floral business, and publishing, among other industries. “These industries may expect a bullish forecast for 2018,” she adds.

    Using a chart she herself prepared, Allen says the abundance of the wood element means strong sales potential or high-income luck for the year. On the other hand, if the chart lacks wood energy, the prospects for generating sales or additional income will be less promising. And while some people will savor good revenues, others will endure challenges regarding their cash flow.

    Those who were born in the Year of the Dragon—1940, 1952, 1928, 1988, 1976, 2036, 2000, 1964, 2012, 2024—especially those who are married or in a relationship, would encounter conflicts. For instance, she says, “roosters are not friend of the hour and day of the year. Dragon is also not a friend of dog.”

    Allen adds that befriending a person born in the Year of the Dog could be beneficial for those who have the least bet for 2018, since there will be “no friends when it comes to business” this year. She also says many people would also open the same businesses as their colleagues’ that could, eventually, lead to an unhealthy competition. It is, therefore, important for all to hold their own ground. “It is how you want the year to go further for you,” she stresses. “The dog is a peaceful animal, which strives to bypass any conflict. However, it can also be temperamental and quick-tempered.” Nevertheless, the dog year will bring a blossoming fortune to those born in the Years of the Rabbit, Tiger, and Horse.

    Businesses trends

    The change in the Chinese lunar calendar annually presents individual entrepreneurs an obliging thrust to check out new business trends. Although e-commerce-related ventures are the type of businesses that often result to phenomenal growth in this age, it is also important to find out new dealings that do not have high-entry barriers.
    For those who make a living under the agricultural sector, an international commodity-marketing service has revealed the challenges and overall impact of rural-urban migration will continue to affect the industry. With the changes that the growing urbanization has brought, the inability of urban centers to utilize or absorb labor will also trigger an effect.

    The overall operations in crop cultivation will sail smoothly this year.

    Also, the overall operations in crop cultivation, which involves animal husbandry, aquaculture, agro-forestry and horticulture, will also sail smoothly this year. In the international frame, a transfer of large portion of farm to younger producers is expected soon, as the trend toward larger farms will also hit equilibrium.

    The fashion industry, on the other hand, continues to grow on a daily basis. Fashion designing, particularly, will make a gold mine for aspiring entrepreneurs this year, as numerous business ideas within the industry provide an avenue to make money. But those who wish to make an attempt must bear in mind that successful fashion designers possess an array of skills that range from drawing, the ability to see concepts in various dimensions, passion for color and texture synthesis, as well as the mechanical skills involved in sewing and cutting all types of fabrics. Luckily, those who are passionate about fashion and analyzing trends can set up a fashion blog to help themselves make money.

    For the educators, the 2018 trend includes the augmented reality, which uses sensors and smartphone cameras, and then render digital objects in a real environment on the user’s screen. Augmented reality clearly has the potential to provide a new medium for institutions to educate the students. According to the United States’ New Jersey Institute of Technology, augmented reality has several advantages for the student-teacher learning. It enhances learning and classroom interactions, helps students maintain positive attitude to learning, enhances collaboration, and motivates students to do better. Currently, augmented reality is widely used in tertiary learning institutions, such as universities and colleges, where it is fast becoming a mainstay in science, arts, and humanities courses.

    Allen noted that the enhancement of business operations will continue to involve digitalization in 2018. This is also an effective way to increase one’s resources and time investments, she says, as the overall surroundings are changing. The feng shui master also explains that if one’s chart includes yin—the feminine passive principle in nature—water and  yin fire this year, it means that he will be able to take advantage of his innovative skills for the rest of the year.

    More forecasts

    The fire industries, Allen says, have plenty of opportunities for this year; the same goes for the other industries that utilize heat or light, such as fuel, entertainment, restaurants, food processing, fireworks, gas, oil, petroleum, laser, solar energy, electricity, lightning, and movie production.

    Augmented reality has several advantages for learning

    There are also good prospects for the earth industries, such as pawnshops, building materials, ceramics, marble, pottery, landfill, recycling, storage and warehousing, construction, hospitality, real-estate development, and those that have to do with earth or soil like car park and rental. As the second best element in the chart, earth also brings positive activities for the property or real-estate business.

    The water industries, meanwhile, have average luck, according to Allen. This goes for marine, naval business, spa, firefighting, aquarium, cold beverages, tourism, air-con producers, travel business, transportation business, trains, railways, cleaning services, recruitment agencies, healing businesses, beauty industry, water-related businesses like shipping and hauling. If a person has the presence of both wood and water elements for the year, then 2018 is a smooth-sailing year for him.

    Auspicious coins for luck

    Lastly, Allen says the metal industries will face heavy challenges during the year. Thus, businesses like hardware, molding, banking, financial or accounting, mechanical engineering, gold, mining, machining, government offices, and architectural companies must be extra careful in their operations.

    If one’s chart is missing the fire element, then it is best to enhance oneself with metal element-related mantras and accessories to compensate for the missing element. For the entrepreneurs, capitalizing on this luck is also a good idea to expose their businesses to social-media marketing and networking options.


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