3D-mapped floor-mats from Maxliner


maxliner20160802If you just want an inexpensive, basic universal floor mat to provide some protection for your car’s carpet or spruce up an older car on a tight budget, its time to consider 3D digital mapped floor mats from Maxliner.

As a known OEM (original equipment manufacturer) supplier of bed-liners for big name brands such as Toyota, Ford, Mitsubishi, Isuzu and Chevrolet, Maxliner spent a considerable amount of money, time and effort to come up with the 3D digital mapped floor mats. Unlike basic universal floor mats, they’re designed to precisely fit specific vehicles, providing edge-to-edge coverage of the foot wells. They also have raised edges around their perimeters to trap and contain liquid. All of this better protects your car’s carpets from water, dirt, mud and other messy things that can get trapped into the vehicle’s carpets or spilled onto the floor.

“Our products also have patterns around the floor-mats that channel away fluids from your feet to a reservoir at the rear edges. Since Maxliner is an OEM supplier, our 3D digital mapped floor-mats are easy to install, remove and fits most cars, pick-ups and SUVs [sport utility vehicles],” said Peter Vargas of the Outdoors Club. “Our floor mats are also designed to not move around or slip on the floor and the best thing about it is they are easy to clean,” he added.

With 200 hours spent on research and development, Maxliner’s 3D digital mapped floor mats are the most affordable and best designed in comparison to its nearest competitor that are double the price. It is also the floor mat of choice of OEMs.

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