4 big projects in Brunei open job opportunities for Filipinos


Job opportunities for Filipinos as Brunei pushes four big projects with a combined investment cost of more than 20 billion Brunei dollars.

“The four new projects in Brunei pose exciting job opportunities for our fellow Filipino workers. The need for around 20,000 workers in Brunei will assist the government in its job creation efforts,” Jose Silvestre Natividad, one of the consultants of KBBB for the projects, said.
Natividad, who is also the president of local renewable energy firm Sunwest Water and Electric Co., said Filipinos have a competitive edge because they are known around the world as diligent and hard workers.
The projects form part of the memorandum of understanding signed between KBBB Chairperson Suharani binti Haji Abd Ladi and  Pengiran Haji Mohd Yusof, the Executive Chairman of the BDBEBC.
These projects are aimed at spurring growth in the BIMP-EAGA
(Brunei Indonesia Malaysia Philippines – East ASEAN Growth Area)
In the pipeline are a new transport system for the Trans Borneo Railways, the setting up of the ASEAN Halal Park, new buses for the Trans-Borneo Bus Services, and the proposed Darrusalam Air.
The 4,440-kilometer Trans-Borneo Railway system will connect Bandar Seri Begawan to main cities in Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia and will be built at an estimated cost of 20 billion Brunei dollars.
The ASEAN Halal Park is an integrated project that will set up 1,000 Halal-certified manufacturing companies. This will set the ASEAN Halal Park as the “Halal Hub of the World” making it the strongest manufacturing center for premium Halal products for distribution across the global market.
KBBB is a cooperative of voluntary association established in 2006.



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