• 4 Pasay Bus Terminals get closure notice


    METRO Manila Development Authority (MMDA) chief of staff Jojo Garcia on Friday named four bus terminals recommended for closure along Edsa-Pasay over violation of the nose in, nose out policy and other city ordinances, after the first three terminals closed in Quezon City on Wednesday. MMDA supervising officer for operations Bong Nebrija and the Pasay City Business Permit and Licensing Office inspected all bus terminals in the city on Friday. The nose in, nose out policy orders transport buses to enter and exit the terminals by its noses to avoid impeding traffic flow in the passing lanes. Given notice of closure were: Saint Rafael/Saint Jude and A. Bragais/Pamar terminal (no compliance with any requirements); Ferdinand Bus Line and Mark Eves/Fortune Star terminal (complied only with the nose in, nose out system). The operators were given 15 days to comply with the requirements.


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