• 4 policemen in EDSA robbery Purisima’s ‘brothers’

    A personnel at the Office of the Ombudsman receives copies of the graft complaint filed by VACC founding chairman Dante Jimenez against PNP chief Alan Purisima. PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

    A personnel at the Office of the Ombudsman receives copies of the graft complaint filed by VACC founding chairman Dante Jimenez against PNP chief Alan Purisima. PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

    FOUR of the eight police officers involved in the EDSA kidnap and robbery early this month are also members of the Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines that is at present led by Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Alan Purisma, a senior member of the fraternal organization said on Monday.

    He identified two of the four policemen as Chief Inspector Joseph de Vera, the deputy commander of the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) Station 1 based in La Loma in the city, and Senior Insp. Oliver Villanueva, head of the investigation and intelligence unit.

    The source said de Vera and Villanueva are active members of the masonry and were raised or accepted as master mason in 2011.

    As for the other two police officers, the source said he is yet to get additional information on them.

    De Vera, Villanueva and several policemen who took part in the EDSA incident are facing charges of robbery, serious illegal detention and kidnapping.

    But anti-crime advocates raised serious concern over the supposed “masonic” connection of the police officers and the PNP chief, particularly the possibility that Purisima may use his position to save his kuyang.

    Kuyang is the term used by masons to address fellow masons.

    Dante Jimenez, founding chairman of the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC), said they cannot discount the possibility of Purisima saving his fellow masons, thus the need to keep a watchful eye on the case of the police officers.

    Purisima is the current Grand Master of the masons in the Philippines. He will step down in April next year and will be replaced by the organization’s deputy Grand Master Tomas Rentoy 3rd, a retired police officer, who is also facing graft charges at the Office of the Ombudsman in connection with the “Euro Generals” controversy in 2008.

    The incident involved a group of PNP officials who flew to Russia to attend an Interpol assembly in Saint Petersburg. They were held at the airport after they were found carrying huge amounts of money.

    But a senior member of the fraternal organization said their group does not intervene in legal processes even if those involved are their brothers.

    “We don’t tolerate these kinds of action of our members, we are very strict when it comes to moral issues,” he added.

    The senior member disclosed that incidents involving members of the masonry are now causing great concern within the organization and have even prompted other members to call for a cleansing of their ranks.

    According to the source, some members of their group have called for the expulsion of masons facing criminal complaints even if their guilt is yet to be proved in court.

    “It has been one of topics we discussed during our recent convention in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, and some of us are really pushing for a serious cleansing of the members,” the source said.


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    1. Nakakahiya… Ginagamit pa naman nilang simbolo si rizal ng kanilang kapatiran… May turo ba si rizal ng ganyan? “Walang iwanan kahit sa kabuktutan…”

    2. There is a Filipino adage “Sa lahat ng gubat may ahas.” If found true of the accusation, the axe must fall, not only within the fraternity but in government and in court. Masonry is not a religion, so it is not exempted from wrongful persons. There are some rouge priests but that does not make Catholicism evil.

    3. The lower members of this fraternity know nothing. Matthew 7:16. Well, our corrupt government is run by Freemasons.

    4. Considering the problems that the Philippines are experiencing nationwide, there really isn’t anything special about this article. However, the Grand Lodge in the Philippines has an opportunity to monitor and take care of any potential problem, without resorting to culling members without due process.

    5. FYI, VP is not a member of the fraternity..he is I believe a Demolay,meaning a son af a mason. many freemasons do not condone the bad actions of their brothers, its against the teachings of freemasonry…

    6. Binay, Cedric Lee and other government officials join the fraternity for their own personal interests. I am also a mason but never beg for conveniences from the organization. For Binay, he just wanted to have VOTES and in case subjected to legal cases about his being corrupt will find some masons to provide him favorable decisions, and for Cedric Lee = accommodations of the NBI, Justice dept judges etc… for his kayabangan.Mga alipores ni Binay, huwag masydong overconfident at magsinungaling dahil alam ng madlang Pilipino na talagang corrupt si Binay.

      • Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

        Cedric Lee, was being charge of illegal detention, and inflicting grave physical injuries to Vhong Navarro. This offense I thought was none bailable. The judge, allowed them to post bail. The judge then asked to be inhibited from this case.Why would a judge give bail to a non bailable offense? why did the judge after allowing the bail asked to be inhibited from the case?
        Is Cedric Lee a member of the Free Masons?

    7. Carlito C.Matias on

      Like any organization it has member who is good, bad or the combination of booth. A member is not an organization. The Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines do not tolerate graft and corruption because we are guided by the HOLY BIBLE, THE HOLY KORAN and the WORKING TOOLS. The acts or omissions attributed to a particular person do not necessarily mean the act or omission of the fraternity. These PNP officers shall be charged in OMB so that they can answer. In essence give them due process. Let the OMB and court decide the case.

      • Free Masons guided by Quran, how about the Suras about killing the infidels or Sura 9:29 (to fight the jews and christians until they pay Jisya)?

    8. Oh mga kapatid easy lang sa tropa ng Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines. Wala pa man eh hinuhusgahan na kaagad. Eto naman balita eh instigador mabilis pa sa alas quatro meroon na kaagad link! Hindi ordinaryong tropa iyan and they are held of higher standard at hindi katulad ng mga katoliko more so like islam iyan. Mahigpit, it so happen dalawa ang me sala pero sino ba sa inyo ang walang kasalanan! Tinamaan kayo ng lintik! Hayaan nyo ang mga iyan at bahala na ang batas mag-husga sa kanila. Naniniwala ako sa bata natin dahil kundi magulo na ang Pilipinas. Let’s all focus in Mindanao which will soon to be our worst nightmare and our children and grandchildren with their future will depending on it.

    9. In the history of universal fraternal organizations, accepting members from all nations, color, sect and religion, Freemasonry distinguishes itself with memberships comprising of world leaders, prime ministers and distinguished men in their respective vocations – i.e., politicians, actors, inventors, musicians, scientist, soldiers, engineers, artists, businessmen, theologians, jurists, movie directors, journalists, reporters, law enforcement officers, teachers, etc. Some people who seek membership to the organization in all parts of the globe are not fortunate as others. After the usual investigation and waiting, some are rejected. Rejection is a very painful experience in every person’s dream to becoming a mason. Those with history of rejection may entertain a vindictive attitude towards freemasonry. Freemasons are humans and don’t hold a patent for perfection. Freemasonry accepting applicants who are most likely interested in different things other than the teachings of freemasonry will suffer from the actions of unworthy members. When these things happen, after adjudication and a malfeasance is discovered and or found out that the charges are without merit, justice is served; and those who exercise the act of vengeance will think of something else to search and destroy.

    10. Florante D. Gonzales on

      Free masonry is more than fraternity, It has higher aspiration far more than simple brotherhood. The obligation is to remind brother of his wrong doing but not tolerate. Free masonry is about spirituality, recognition of the existence of The Great Architect of the Universe and the unending search for the lost/missing connection between men and Him

    11. Clearly the press will sensationalize this as much as possible, but I suggest we come back to the facts. Many comments here are from non masons and they don’t really understand what is involved or the seriousness of which all masons take this into their hearts

      Freemasonry has a very strong codes of ethics and conducts, one of the reasons masons like to do business with other masons is because there is an additional layer of ethics and ethical conduct required over and above the local law and as justice is often lacking in the Philippines a brother can be held accountable for his actions to his peers in Freemasonry.

      Those who say Freemasonry is used for immoral or illegal purposes or that its a gang of some kind obviously do not understand Freemasonry, I would invite them to approach a Freemason and ask them.

      Bringing public disrepute to Freemasonry will involve a penalty that can include expulsion, but lets not jump to the conclusion until an investigation is conducted and the truth has prevailed. I have every faith that Freemasonry will not allow Rouges to prosper in the organisation.

      I think its important to all true Freemasons that when a member of the public sees the masonic symbol that they know that man is of high moral character, believes in god, is charitable to the community and that he strives to set an example to others.

    12. kaya pala mga malalakas ang loob sa mg anaimal na mga yan,may porcento din ang brod nila na chief ng PNP.

    13. Every organization has bad eggs. But that doesn’t mean that everyone in that organization shares the same seeds.
      Don’t be hasty in judging, if we accept the judgmental comments as true that would like saying that all Muslims are terrorists, or all Catholics are mass Murderers (Hitlet is a devout catholic). What I am trying to say is don’t judge an organization with just a few members who have strayed from the right path.

    14. Memberships of Freemasonry are all over the government bureaucracy. This includes DPWH, which incidentally has lots of budget. Allegedely, many of the top executives of DPWH are freemasons that’s why many contractors work very hard to be accepted as freemasons, obviously, to garner juicy contracts. Signs of corruption exploiting fraternal bond. For PNP, its the same principle. Using position of power to the hilt.

      • Mario Maghirang on

        I agree, the brotherhood (Free Mason) must be sensitive enough when it comes to morality issues. It is more than a century old fraternal organization
        dating back the 19th century and the American Civil War. They must purge the undesirable members.

    15. Even the most noble organizations produce bad eggs. Only when the same organization fail to discipline and impose due penalties to the violators do they become just like the rest.

    16. By reason of association, is it possible that his boss is also a member of the Free Masonry? No wonder he has stopped going to mass and demolished the chapel located inside Malacanang. This answers a lot of questions.

    17. Unmasonic conduct. What a shame. Grand Master Purisima is a dishonor to this ancient institution. Other members of the craft were involved in commiting crime. They forgot the oath they took when as Entered Apprentice Masons. So mote it be.

      • Shame Indeed! He is also Shriners’ highest officer in the Phil. whose members are called Noble. But there’s nothing noble about this brother of us. I am just hoping that people will not judge us just because of the action of the few, but won’t blame them if they do. So mote it be!

    18. No wonder about the impunity of criminals amongst us. They are a tight brotherhood of hoodlums from a fraternal group feeling themselves untouchables as a uniformed (organized group) of the government. They are all into these kinds of activity as they are together bound by secrecy. Not a difficult endeavor to enrich themselves, and it does not matter to them who the victims are since they are favored from the top who is a loyal brother to one another. There are a lot of them among the ranks of our military and police forces, and they are very difficult to disperse as they are all bound by secrecy (including their crimes). The topmost leader, of course, shared in the ‘harvest and fruits’ of such crimes which run high in the millions. So now, this is in the open and be not surprised if your lowly policeman, seaman or soldier owns expensive cars and mansions as they keep a wide brood of mistresses and concubines. Some, if not most, are overcome by an open show of power amongst there innocent peers and neighbors, but in the end the hour of justice comes to haunt them and bite everything into nothingness. That is, if those trial judges are not members of their brotherhood. If so, our only hope lies in another kind of justice beyond this life. All souls related to these crimes will be made to account for themselves.

      • Mr Ben Aquino, I beg to disagree on what you said that we are untouchables and that we are bunch of criminals and has a lot of mistresses…. Masonry is a progressive Moral Science.
        Those who come and joined freemasonry for mercenary motives are the ones who put shame into our beloved and honorable fraternity.
        We are guided by the Holy Book and we believe in a Supreme Being who will judge us on the actions done within the body.

      • I agree 100% with Brother Ben Flores. So mote it be brother.

        as for you Mr. ben aquino, don’t judge an organization you know nothing about.

      • With all due respect to you Mr. Ben Aquino, I clearly see a future for you in Fiction writing. You seem to have a great deal of knowledge in the workings of Freemasonry. However, most of it dead wrong. Sir, I urge you to re think those thoughts, for you are be-smudging an institution that has been around since the construction of Temples in the times of King Solomon. A fraternity with members as you described without a doubt would only last a short time and not for hundreds of years. I also ask of you to look into the contributions Masonry has effected on society with hospitals, schools, burn centers, scholarships and possibly to the best extent, how it has cared for it’s own. But, not in the ways you reflect, that Masons may “own expensive cars and mansions as they keep a wide brood of mistresses and concubines. I Sir, have been a Master Mason since 1994, and have yet to see any of those luxuries of mind and body you so very well described. Perhaps you have Masonry confused with the Order of Buffalo, (Fred Flintstone’s fraternal organization). In our being Free and Accepted, we have early on been divested of material wealth. In offer of proof, I give you a Global membership of over 6 million and well into our 5th Century, this often accused as a Secret Society, which it truly is not. Perhaps better to be considered a Society with Secrets. Beyond all that I can proudly aver this Brotherhood has produced many Leaders and History changing Brothers, Simón Bolívar, South American liberator and political leader. Literary giant Mark Twain was a member. Winston Churchill contributed to Freemasonry his entire life. The man who created the FBI, J Edgar Hoover became a mason at the age of 25 and the recipient of the Grand Cross of Honor — the highest recognition by the Scottish Rite. And what may amuse you, a short list of some of American actors and other celebrities, William “Bud” Abbott, John Wayne, Benedict Arnold, Nat King Cole, Samuel Colt. Sorry no Fred…

    19. There is definitely something highly suspicious going on here. I know in every country you will have a few rogue policemen but here it seems so many more & they are organised & protected by those at the top of the service. No wonder its so difficult to control crime here when this many police are corrupt.
      Now the masons should as soon as one of them is charged with a serious offence should suspend them, then depending on the outcome take appropriate action. Like reinstate if innocent & expel if guilty.
      So we have senators, policemen, lawyers, who is next.

    20. Guilt by association? Your article just tarnished the good name of Free Masonry in our country. Remember your favorite VP is a member of this brotherhood.


    22. mikhail hieronymus on

      It looks like the roots of graft and corruption in our society has penetrated every sinew of our lives !

    23. In their sworn O.B. before the bible, only in cases of murder and treason that they do not assist or help their kuyangs.

      Indeed, gone were the days when members were of impeccable character.

      • Not true, if you are a brother mason, you would know that.
        Unfortunately, our brotherhood is a dictatorial one. Not run by democracy so our elections mostly are run by the top.

        Believe me that almost all of the brothers are very very disappointed right now.

      • You are mistaken 4TRUTH. There is nothing in the obligation of the masons where you can find that they are bound to assist a brother at all times, murder and treason, exempted. I think you are referring to the secrets of a mason where one is bound to keep when given to him in charge as such, murder and treason exempted. In fact, a mason is not bound to assist a fellow mason if it will violate the former’s duty to God, his country, his neighbor or himself.