• 4 QC policemen sacked for extort


    Four personnel of the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) District Public Safety Battalion-Tactical Motorized Unit were relieved from their posts and are now facing criminal and administrative charges for allegedly extorting money from a motorist.

    QCPD Director Senior Supt. Guillermo Eleazar identified the four as Police Officers 3 Teodoro Morales, 46 and Drazen Calix, 38, PO2 Juan de Asis, 26, and PO1 Philip John Laylo.

    The complainant, Rex Macabeo Jr., said that he was driving along Commonwealth Ave. on November 4 when a police car suddenly cut him off and forced him to stop. Four officers in complete uniform alighted and surrounded Macabeo’s vehicle.

    The victim asked the police officers what his violation was but they kept mum. They asked him to step out of his vehicle and the policemen searched his car and found a bolo under the rubber mat of the front passenger’s seat.

    The officers then instructed Macabeo to board his vehicle and follow the police car. They drove for two to three kilometers and then stopped on a dark portion of Commonwealth Avenue where they parked.

    The police officers told Macabeo that he can be jailed for 12 years for the bolo found in his car. They also said threatened to bring him to the Batasan Police Station for inquest and that he may have to pay a huge amount of money for bail.

    The officers then demanded cash from the victim to settle the case, but he refused. Morales took the cash from Macabeo’s driver’s license holder amounting to P360.

    When Macabeo arrived home, he found out that the P31,000 hidden in the pocket of a pair of pants in his car was missing. The next day, he went to the QCPD Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit to file a complaint.

    After investigation, the four policemen were transferred to the District Headquarters Support Unit at Camp Karingal, Quezon City under restrictive custody. Robbery-extortion charges were filed against them at the Quezon City prosecutor’s office.


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