• 4 suspects in fatal hazing no longer in the country


    Four of the 17 suspects in the fatal hazing of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde student Guillo Cesar Servando have left the country, the Bureau of Immigration (BI) said on Friday.

    Immigration Spokesperson Elaine Tan said Esmerson Nathaniel Calupas, Hans Killian Tatlonghari, Eleazar Pablico and John Kevin Navoa had left before the Department of Justice (DOJ) could issue a Lookout Bulletin Order (LBO) against them.

    Tan refused to say where the suspects went and when they left.

    On Friday, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and Makati City police charged 20 people with violation of the Anti-Hazing Law in connection with Servando’s death.

    Among those charged are the two members of Tau Gamma Phi Fraternity who surrendered to the DOJ and the National Bureau of Immigration (NBI), and the caretaker of a house in Barangay Palanan in Makati where the initiation took place.

    Named in the complaint were: Calupas, Tatlonghari, Pablico, Navoa, Cody Errol Morales, Daniel Paul Martin Bautista, Kurt Michael Almazan, Luis Solomon Arevalo, Carl Francis Loresca, Jemar Pajarito, Vic Angelo Dy, Mark Andrew Ramos, Michael David Castaneda, Steven Jorge Penano, Ma. Teresa Dayanghirang, Alyssa Federique Valbuena, Justin Francis Reyes, an alias “Bea” and a Jane Doe.

    Shortly after the complaint was filed, Pajarito, the house caretaker, arrived at the DOJ office to apply to the Witness Protection Program.

    Last Wednesday, the DOJ issued the LBO, directing Immigration officers to closely coordinate with the department and the NBI in case the rest of the suspects try to leave the country.

    Tan explained that the LBO “does not necessarily mean” that suspects will not be allowed to leave.

    “It only directs our Immigration officers to coordinate with the DOJ and the NBI if there is an attempt to depart,” she said, adding that the decision to allow or deny departure rests with the DOJ and the NBI.


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    1. Obviously the suspects were tipped that they have to leave because the immigration authorities have not yet prepared the LBO.

    2. This is the result of snail pace procedure of our kapulisan’s & NBI in reprimanding the suspect ……

    3. We have an agency like the Bureau of immigration that is useless (inutil) palpak, alam lang sumahod ng sweldo , at di ginagamit ang common sense, tulad ng mga tourist na Chino at Taiwanese , di ba dapat pag nag expire ang tourist visa ng mga eto eh merong alert advisory of illegal stay and start investigating of their whereabouts by field immigration officer, where are they and what are they doing. Walang pagasa ang Pilipinas, pinasok na ng terorismo, wala pa ring solusyon,walang namumunong matino, pero suhulan mo mabilis pa sa alas kwatro. Puro kabaluktutan ang alam.

    4. NMow these guys dont work so presumably they have no income so it must be family members helping them evade justice. They wont be able to get a job as they wiont get their qualifications as they arnt in college. Its a pity their parents if they dont co-operate with the police in bringing them back to face justice couldnt be told their bank accounts will be frozen & so not be able to fund their criminal children. Tell them their children have murdered a fellow college student. I thought this country is a good christian country, but it seems to be well we are but only when we chose to be. If it was my son i would take the law into my own hands against the families of the guys they helped flee justice.

      • Walang pagasa ang Pilipinas, namumuno ay corrupt , some parents themselves condone their children bad behavior, many students nowadays in the Phl are intoxicated with powerful drugs brought by those Chinese nationals who came as tourists (more likely nagsuhol sa BOI or some influential friend ) ventured to put up laboratories like Meth Lab and distribute to sell in colleges and schools by drug pushers to our schoolchildren (in colleges) parents and student themselves thinking it is fab but unaware of the damaging effect to the brain , resulting to massive heart attack and eventually death. PDEA must close those meth Lab usually located in the provinces (it would be hard to detect) Filipinos must be vigilant in reporting those kind of illegal business transactions especially if it will destroy our children and the community.