4 top rice importers did not pay taxes


The Department of Finance (DOF) and Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) revealed that four of the top 20 rice importers last year did not pay their customs duties.

In their latest Tax Watch Campaign ad released on Wednesday, the DOF and BIR said that the four importers paid zero duties to the Bureau of Customs (BOC). They are Bayer Cropscience Inc. which imported P153.9-million worth of dutiable rice, SL Agritech Corp. which brought in P103.6-million worth of the staple, Jardine Distribution Inc. whose imports hit with P59.4 million and Pioneer Hi-Bred Philippines Inc. with P49.2 million.

The National Food Authority (NFA) and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), also included in the list of top 20 rice importers for having bought P4.4 billion and P58.7 million of the staple, respectively, also did not pay any duties in 2013.

Two other rice importers also failed to pay customs duties but they were not in the top 20 list—Syngenta Philipines Inc. and Devgen Seeds and Crop Technology.

The biggest importer was the NFA having bought P4.3 billion of rice, followed by Silent Royalty Marketing, P983.6 million, Bold Bidder Marketing, P718.6 million, Starcraft International Trading, P550.7 million and Inter-Continental Gains, P412.4 million.

The DOF and BIR partnered with the BOC for the three succeeding Tax Watch Campaign ad to publish and reveal customs-related information based on the bureau’s Electronic-to-Mobile system data.

The Tax Watch Campaign ad started last year, aiming to pinpoint large-scale tax evaders as the government tightens tax collection for government projects.


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  1. BIR Commissioner Kim Henares fears DUNKIN’ DONUTS local seller….a TAX EVADER?

    GOLDEN DONUTS, INC. (GDI), the Philippines’s exclusive franchisee of DUNKIN’ DONUTS OF AMERICA, INC (DUNKIN’ BRANDS, INC), has huge unpaid tax deficit of P1.5 billion for year 2007, but Henares fears to either collect or sue the company for tax evasion for under-declaring its revenues in the tax returns. GDI has two sets of numbers on sales for the period. One contained a net taxable income of P135.2 million, while the annual income tax return reflected a net loss of P44.9 million.

    While BIR captain Henares scares and runs after other alleged evaders, she fears high profile personalities and large entities like DUNKIN’ DONUTS local seller…a TAX EVADER?