• 5 nabbed for toxic waste dump


    Five persons arrested after caught dumping a truckload of toxic waste on a creek in Barangay Santo Cristo, San Jose Del Monte (SJDM) in Bulacan om Thursday night.

    Retired Gen. Pedro Ramos, chief of City Security Unit (CSU), said violations of Republic Act 9275 (Philippine Clean Water Act) and the City Ordinance were filed on Friday against suspects Gerard Cudog, Salvador Minguita, Martin Pobe, Leonardo Eleorig and Raffy Lucinario. The suspects have under surveillance following information relayed to the City Public Information Office. It was found that a long PVC pipe attached to the truck was used to release its content, which residents said emits a horrible stench, on the creek flowing to Santa Maria town river. The five arrested refused to say where the discarded chemicals came. Soriano said that such toxic waste is extremely harmful that’s why they are implementing strict prohibition for any acts that can affect or damage their health and environment.


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