5 persons monitored for MERS-Cov


FIVE individuals are under strict monitoring by the Department of Health (DOH) after showing symptoms of the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), Health Secretary Janette Garin said Tuesday.

The five were part of a group who had close contact with the 63-year-old Saudi national who died of the disease in the country last month.

The DOH also placed 10 other persons under quarantine even if initial tests showed that they were negative of the disease.

“Of the 101 individual who have been exposed to the Saudi national during his stay in the country, 15 showed symptoms and five are now being closely monitored,” Garin told reporters after attending the finance committee deliberation on the proposed 2016 budget of the DOH.

“We will wait for the 14-day quarantine period and we will wait for this case to be resolved,” she said, adding that the Philippines is not yet MERS-Cov free.

Garin said they have identified and checked all persons who have come in contact with the Saudi national and most of them were already sent home.

“The situation has been fully controlled and patients are being taken care of,” she said.


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