• 5 Pinoys advance in US Open 10-Ball meet


    Five Filipino cue masters marched into the third round of the 2017 US Open 10-Ball Championship being held at the Griff’s Activity Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Former world champions Dennis Orcollo (2011 World 8-Ball champion), Alex Pagulayan (2004 World 9-Ball champion) and Lee Vann Corteza (2013 World Cup of Pool) as well as Guangzhou Asian Games silver medalist Warren Kiamco and veteran international campaigner Roberto Gomez posted two victories to stay in the winner’s column.

    Orcollo stamped his class over Amar Kang via a 9-2 decision before blasting Dennis Hatch 9-4 while Pagulayan overpowered Corey Deuel (9-4) and Nick Malaj (9-5) in his first two matches.

    Corteza also made his presence felt by beating Josh Roberts (9-3) and Derek Schwager (9-5) while Kiamco clobbered Molrudee Kasemchaiyan (9-1) then survived Denis Grabe (9-7).

    For his part, Gomez defeated Rory Hendrickson (9-2) and Alex Kazakis (9-7) in the tournament, which offers an $84,000 cash prize with the champion getting $20,000.

    In the fourth round, Corteza battles Sharik Sayed, Gomez faces Justin Bergman, Orcollo takes on Mario He, Kiamco faces Vilmos Foldes, while Pagulayan meets Billy Thorpe.

    The other players in the winner’s group are Shane Van Boening, Skyler Woodward, Radoslaw Babica, Ralf Souquet and Karl Boyes.

    Legendary cue master Francisco “Django” Bustamante, on the other hand, suffered a close 8-9 decision to Max Eberle and was relegated to the loser’s bracket.

    Bustamante needs to win all his remaining games to keep his bid alive in the event which employs a double-elimination format.

    In the loser’s column, Bustamante will be meeting Robert Ferry, who lost to Sina Valizadeh (1-9) in the first round.

    After the US Open 10-Ball, the US Open 8-Ball will be held from July 29 to 31 at the same venue.


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