5 senators under probe over DAP

Militants stage a lighting protest near Malacañang on Monday, to call for the prosecution of President Benigno Aquino 3rd and Budget Secretary Butch Abad over the Disbursement Acceleration Program, some parts of which were declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. PHOTO BY RENE DILAN

Militants stage a lighting protest near Malacañang on Monday, to call for the prosecution of President Benigno Aquino 3rd and Budget Secretary Butch Abad over the Disbursement Acceleration Program, some parts of which were declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. PHOTO BY RENE DILAN

THE National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has started investigating five senators who reportedly received huge allocations under the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) and who poured the money into fake non-government organizations (NGOs) owned by businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles.

Three of the lawmakers are already in detention for their alleged involvement in the pork barrel scam—senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. and Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada.

The two others are senators Vicente Sotto 3rd and Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

The probe was ordered by Justice Secretary Leila de Lima.

“We’re investigating that already. The NBI is investigating those . . . the alleged use of DAP funds through Napoles NGOs, as claimed by Benhur Luy,” de Lima told reporters on Monday.

“All that I am saying is that the DAP is being investigated by the NBI… [on the alleged involvement of the]five senators,” she said.

The Justice chief did not directly identify the five senators, but in their affidavits, pork scam witnesses Luy and Merlina Suñas said P425 million in DAP funds were allocated to Enrile, Revilla, Estrada, Marcos Jr. and Sotto 3rd.

Raji Mendoza, the lawyer for Luy and some state witnesses now in the custody of the NBI, earlier said the DAP funds were subjected to the same methods as in the pork barrel scam, wherein billions of pesos released to lawmakers went to fake NGOs or ghost projects.

“We have the documents on that already. We are evaluating… whether we have cases against those senators and, if confirmed, then what to do about it,” de Lima said.

She added that once probable cause has been established, the Department of Justice will endorse the case to the Ombudsman. It is also possible that the NBI will just file a separate complaint.

The Justice chief said the evidence they have gathered includes the special allotment release orders (SAROs) which carry the name of the NGO, the name of the lawmaker who released the fund, the name of the project and the amount of money involved.

Enrile, Revilla and Estrada are detained at the Philippine National Police Custodial Center for plunder. They are also facing graft charges, along with several other co-accused.

De Lima said they had to look into allegations that DAP funds were also misused.

The Supreme Court last week declared the acceleration program unconstitutional.

“For all the good intentions that DAP had been envisioned, nakikita natin, nalalaman

Justice Undersecretary Jose Justiniano, who also handles all cases on the pork barrel scam, will oversee the DAP investigation.

In the digital files submitted by Luy to the NBI, Estrada allegedly received P100 million in DAP funds. Marcos and Revilla also each got P100 million, Sotto, P70 million and Enrile, P55 million.

Explain DAP funds’ use
Immediately after the High Court declared the DAP unconstitutional, Malacanang justified the controversial acceleration program by saying the nation benefited from it.

But senators Grace Poe and Francis Escudero demanded that the executive department, particularly Budget Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad, explain how billions in DAP funds were used.

“Public service is a public trust and there should be no exceptions, even us senators, if there are issues concerning the Senate, we should explain our position because the public deserves it,” Poe said.

She noted that everyone involved in the DAP should explain, especially officials who authorized the program and those who implemented it.

The program, according to Malacanang, was a stimulus package designed to fast-track public spending and stimulate economic growth.

Poe also called for a thorough audit of DAP funds to determine if these were used properly.

She said if Abad cannot explain how the DAP funds were used or show proof that DAP projects really benefited the country, the President should name a new Budget chief.

Escudero agreed that Abad should explain everything about the DAP.

He said the Senate finance committee is planning to resume its investigation of the DAP to find out how much was released through the program.

Escudero added that the committee has a list of all appropriations and allocations made through the program.

“We already have the list [but]the figures reported in the media did not match the figures that were on the list, that is why we want to continue with the DAP probe,” he said.


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  1. DAR protecting PNoy kin interests in Hacienda Luisita with ruthless eviction of farm workers.

    Since June 25, employees of the DAR Provincial Agrarian Reform Office (PARO) led by Atty. Jose Eduardo Narciso, with the active assistance of the Tarlac City Police, have been directly engaged in destroying crops of farmworkers in Barangay Mapalacsiao, Hacienda Luisita,
    Farmers tried to stop the DAR’s tractors but fully-armed policemen served as security detail to government personnel involved in the unwarranted clearing operations.

    The Cojuangco-Aquino family has been running an estate of 6,453 hectares, Hacienda Luisita, since they bought it in 1958. Jose Cojuangco Sr., Cory’s father, received large loans to buy the hacienda, on the condition that it would be distributed to the farmers by 1967.

    Now, 43 years later, the land has still not been distributed. There has never been any valid reason why this was not done and many people have been killed for demanding justice.

    Stealing the land of other people in the Philippines is ok as long as it’s done by the ruling class and done to poor people.

  2. eltee mulawin on

    >>>DoJ Secretary Leila DalDalima with her NBI started investigating NGOs recipient of DAP as pe whistleblower Luy & Napoles. It has been a practice to look at the product or sum of two things. Since the Supreme Court declared DAP and PDAF are illegal and unconstitutional, Ombudsman and Doj should investigate or summoned the Department of Budget Management chief Florencio Abad since he admitted that Aquino3 approved and signed it and he release such amount funds as DAP. Let Abad to submit and disclose in public the list of recipient to whom he given such money. Then in that way, it it would be clear, simple and simplified the process for knowing who are those people and organization to be questioned.

    • Abad and Aquino’s are the masters of the DAP scheme (scam) along with Janet Lim napoles and for sure they wont allow themselves to get caught and will do anything possible to ride on ” they are above the law ” and they have shown it from day one of his Presidency and no Filipinos will tolerate his excusesanymore. buking na buking. Enough is enough.

  3. wlmin laberinto on

    Kahit saang sindikato para malito ang inbistegador itinatago ang utak at kung ano-anong frame up ang ginagawa para di matukoy ang mastermind! Yan ang isang malaking pagkakamaling nangyayari ngayon! Kung inuuna nila imbistigahan si Abad na artkitekto nang DAP at pinuno nang DBM mas magiging malinaw ang sistemang kababbuyang nangyayari sa Gobyerno ni Noynoy! ang bawat pag tatakip dito ay nagiging isang blindfold sa hustisya at nakakapag kubli ang malaking isda! Unahin nyo si Abad at bawat dokumentong isusuka nyan at mga ibedensya ay mag bibigay linaw kung sino talaga ang bumababoy sa bayan!

  4. Why not investigate PNoy and all his allies? Why concentrate the investigation on Aquino’s perceived political enemies? He is a vindictive guy. He is not fair in this political zarzuela. PNoy is pretending to be clean but he is as dirty as the others involved in the scam. Where is the people power now? Why not kick out Aquino from Malacanang through people power? This government is corrupt beyond repair. The PH is a sinking boat under the slipshod and inefficient leadership of Aquino. Our countrymen in far-flung barangays are wallowing in the quicksand of abject poverty. There is too much suffering in the countrysides. God save Juan de la Cruz!

  5. Punished them all. No Mercy. If you are watching EAT BULAGA the face of Sotto 3rd he has the looks of worries.

  6. All Senators except Arroyo, Marcos and Santiago are the ones who did not receive any DAP. .from the 140 billion pork barrel scam and those who receive the illegal DAP should be investigated along with all Congressmen who also receive DAP should also. face investigation .The Senate and Congress has lost its credibility and can no longer be trusted to carry the investigation Cayetano for one is already defending DAP as an honest mistake, how could it be if it’s illegal . A special cpmmittee of constitutional lawyers should be established if permissible by law to conduct the DAP investigation.

  7. pinoy_ako_pinoy_tayo on

    Simply put, DAP is non-existent until Sen Jinggoy exposed it ! Malacanang is determined to keep it that way (quietly in operation and implementation ) but the public clamor to investigate DAP leaves PNoy no choice ! So wag sabihin that they disbursed it in good faith. It is a crime being committed quietly at the dispensation of PNoy . Wag kayong mag malinis.

  8. Why only five senators will be investigated on this DAP anomalies when in fact more or less twenty of them received this illegal money as declared by the Supreme Court. Let the investigation of this issue takes it due course and should include all legislators who benefited from this money that came from the hard earned money of the people.

  9. Bongbong Marcos was one among the three Senators along with Miriam Santiago and Joker Arroyo who voted against the personal wish of President Aquino to convict CJ Renato Corona and did not receive illegal DAP and how would they implicate them. it was reported at one time while they ‘re muddling the scam list Santiago was also included because Santiago and Marcos are both viable to run in 2016.DAP is now declared unconstitutional . De lima upon the instruction of this sitting President start damaging the names of would be Presidential 2016 candidate so he can escape any lawsuit after his term if Roxas, Binay or Lacson would become the President .De Lima was reported that she made a deal with someone and will run for the Senate Filipinos shld not tolerate this abusive administration and anyone associated with them does not deserve to get elected in office.

  10. I also forgot to say we know sotto is a plagiarist & we know he wont accept he was & wouldnt say sorry so we know he wont admit this as its much worse. Then marcos, well what to say about him. Look at how much his parents stole from this country & he has been taught how easy it is & that as a senator its his right. So come on hurry up with these investigations & get them under lock & key.

  11. Its again very simple if they took funds from the dap & gave them to these fake ngo’s & didnt follow through & check on it then they are guilty. Ignorance is no excuse. If they dont want to make sure the money goes to where it is intended to go then dont ask for an allocation, its that simple, i mean why would you want to have an allocation & then just let whoever give it away to whoever. Its so ridiculous its laughable. These senators think we are all so stupid as to believe they handed the money over in good faith & that they didnt know what was going to happen to it.

  12. rosendo bagtas on

    bkit ang 5 senador at si janet napoles lamang ang paboritong pinaiimbestiga ni DOJ Sec. de Lima? bakit hindi kasama sina drilon, escudero atbp. na ayon kay DBM Sec. Abad tumanggap ng pera mula sa DAP? talagang naniniwala ang taumbayan na pinagtakpan ni de lima ang mga kaalyadong senador ni PNoy at maliwanag pa sa tanghaling tapat ang ‘selective justice’ at pamumulitika ng pamahalaang PNoy tungo sa 2016 eleksyon and beyond!!

  13. Go, go, go, investigate those you received, implemented the program and who benefited to those billions of pesos. Spare no one that is the the way should be “Tuwid na daan” as promised. The president is a righteous one, that is why the president allows all the investigations because he knows what he do not know should be known to him long time ago before his time has come to be the sitting president of today. Logic states, this is the reason why he replaced the Ombudsman and the impeachment of the chief justice took place, because you cannot effect changes in the government if this two powerful position still runs by corrupt officials. Everything is possible for all the righteous. God bless us all.

  14. Raul J. de Vera, Jr. on

    I’m wondering when would the other 2 will be picked-up and join the first 3?

  15. rolando punzalan on

    Sino iimbistigahan ninyo? Mahirap yatang magimbistiga kapag halos lahat kayo dapat imbistigahan. Sigurado ako kokonti na lang matitira na senatong,tongressman at mga official ng gobyerno kapag inumpisahang imbistigahan un natitira pang NGO.Naka focus lang ngayon sa 8 o 10 NGO ni Napoles.Tandaan natin mahigit 80 po ang NGO na yan bakit kinalimutan na yata. Kukulangin tayo sa detention center at hospital kapag nagkataon. Kaya ngayon pa lang dapat magpatayo na ng pagkukulungan ng mga kawatan na yan doon sa BABOY-AN ISLAND dahil malakas silang LUMAMON ng PORK.

  16. Bob Suguitan on

    You weep for a country run by crooks and crook coddlers. Where is the conscience of theses greedy people. In china they would all be shot!!!

  17. All Senators to whom DAP funds were given, in addition to their PDAF funds, by President Aquino, for whatever incentives to them (to convict Corona), must be investigated and prosecuted criminally if it turns out that the DAP funds were misused or personally pocketed as commission, bribed or kickback for voting to convict Corona. Aquino gave them the DAP funds , though obviously as bribed, was for the purpose of “stimulating the economy” which means to redound for the peoples welfare and NOT as personal allowance or bonus of the Senators. If the DAP funds were misappropriated for each Senators own personal enrichment, then they must be prosecuted for plunder if Fifty Million and over, or for anti-graft or malversation, and if convicted be imprisoned and disqualified from holding any public office. Aquino thru his pCityeople in DOJ must immediately investigate and prosecute these Senators and Congressmen who received and misused their DAP funds.
    Jun AYorkdan

  18. Alejo Rosete on

    To the Secretary of Justice – why only those five Senators who are investigated? Why only them? Why only the opposition? Is this selective Justice?

    All who were recipient of the DAP Money should be investigated and Secretary Abad should tell how this money were released and spent, to what project. Where did the money go? Do not limit the investigation only to the opposition Senators – other wise this investigation is for show, only to be cited by the President in his SONA address.

    • Wait for a while. It’s possible some more to come. Let delema do her job. It is my understaning that delema is basing her actions on luy’s testimony. If only those 5 five senators are implicated, so be it. Why implicate those not mentioned in Luy’ list? Just to satisfies the whims of pnoy’s haters or, for what purpose?

  19. eltee mulawin on

    Grace Poe said…if Abad cannot explain how the DAP funds were used or show proof that DAP projects really benefited the country, the President should name a new Budget chief.

    >>> Why should only name a new Budget chief? Abad should be charged of a culpable violation of constitution and GAA and betrayal of public trust.

    Florencio Abad should submit and disclose to the public all about the DAP Funds.
    1) When and How much the money was release upon Nguyngoy Aquino signed it ?
    2) For what projects and where is the projects?
    3) How much the budget cost for the project ?
    4) Who are the recipients and how much they/ she/ he received?
    5) How much the actual cost of the project ? When the project started and completed? Who is the contractor ?


    This De Lima continues to add insult injury. Why target only these opposition? How
    about Drilon, Escudero and all these who received the bribe money for the impeachment of Corona? Why go after, abnoy, abad, and all the rest who
    profited from the impeachment of Corona if you are really fair? The question
    is you close your eyes when it comes to administration allies but does not loss
    a second when it comes to oppositions. It is clear that all the senators accepted
    millions in consideration of the impeachment of Corona except Santiago, Marcos
    and Arroyo. What happened to these who benefited from the impeachment of
    Corona or these who were paid millions. Ganoon na lang ba yon. Common
    De Lima gawin mo naman ang tama baka buhay ka pa ay inuu-od na ang
    kaluluwa mo. Masyado kang garapal. Alalahanin mo ang KARMA. What goes
    aroung comes around.