• 500 SAF commandos guard Maute couple


    POLICE officials have ramped up security in Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig City where the parents of the Maute brothers who led the attack in Marawi City and their suspected supporters are detained, Director Oscar Albayalde, head of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO), said.

    Albayalde said more than 500 members of the Philippine National Police’s Special Action Force (PNP-SAF) have been deployed to guard the camp from possible attacks of Maute terrorists who may attempt to spring Cayamora Maute and his wife Ominta, also known as Farhana.

    The SAF commandos will augment the police force assigned to secure the detention facilities inside Camp Bagong Diwa, he said.

    SAF members were trained for special operations that include fighting domestic and international terrorism.

    Albayalde said the NCRPO decided to add well-trained policemen in the Camp Bagong Diwa to ensure that the Maute couple will not be rescued by “suicidal” members of the Maute group.

    Also detained inside the camp are former Marawi City mayor Fahad Salic, Sumaya Bangkit Masakal, Radiea
    Tugosa Asire, Mariam Ibnu Abubakar, Zafeerah Rosales Musa a.k.a Aliah Romato Maute, Nehreen Macaraya
    Abdul a.k.a Hafza Romato Maute, Nora Moctar Limgas a.k.a Nur-ain Moctar Limgas, Mardiyya Haji Ali a.k.a. Haminda Romato Maute, Sumayya Lawi Ali, and Noronisa Haji Camal a.k.a. Noronisah Papandayan H. Camal.

    They were accused of supporting the invasion by the Maute group headed by brothers Omar and Abdullah Maute of Marawi City.

    Albayalde said the Maute matriarch was separated from other members of the Maute family, including Cayamora, to prevent them from talking to each other.

    Cayamora, who was taken to Camp Bagong Diwa on June 8, is facing five counts of kidnapping and illegal detention charges.

    Farhana, along with several others, was arrested on June 9 in Barangay Kuramatan, Masiu, 35 kilomoters away from Marawi City.

    Salic was arrested on June 7.

    The government said Salic has been providing financial support to the Maute group.


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    1. the maute terrorists kill their hostages – why can’t the military extend the same courtesy to their maute prisoners? if the afp & pnp are afraid of the maute and abu sayyaf then they should just say so and stop the charade of posting 500 saf personnel to guard a few maute prisoners – how much is the govt paying these 500 police for their salaries? and how much is the cost of .22 cal bullets? the govt could save a bundle by simply eliminating those scumbags ..

      • Because of the POS CHR.

        You have that American Otto brain death when captured and tortured by North Korean, but you don’t see these cowards abominations going there and seeing the conditions. Why, because these abomination has political agenda and only bully whom they can bully.