5G technology available by 2020 – Huawei


SHANGHAI, China: 5G technology will become available beginning 2020 as there will be demand for connectivity not only among humans but also between humans and machines, according to China’s global information and communications technology provider Huawei.

“We need new technology. We need mobile phones not just connecting people but also machines,” Zhou Yuefeng, Huawei Wireless Network Product Line chief marketing officer, said in a press conference late Thursday.

Huawei showcases its research products and those of its partners using 5G technology in their Wireless X Labs. These labs consist of three laboratories, with each dedicated to exploring people-to-people connections, applications for vertical industries, and applications in households.

One of the products in the showcase is the smart helmet, which may soon be used by blind people. The smart helmet has five cameras around it and the images it sees will be transmitted to the cloud for processing. The blind can then be guided by audio of the helmet on the directions to take, as the cloud will recognize whether there will be people or things that the blind person might bump into along the road.

Another product is the connected drone, which is controlled using WiFi technology. According to Huawei, these drones can do the site inspection work for engineers as these will fly to take pictures of the location at different angles, depending on the command of the controller. Instead of real human engineers being deployed to the sites to inspect, they can just sit comfortably in their offices and “let AI [Artificial Intelligence] do the rest of things.”

The benefits of 5G are higher data rate, low latency and higher reliability.

Zhou, however, said that 5G technology still has to be developed. Also, 5G will not take the place of 2G, 3G and 4G as these will co-exist with one another and will still depend on the end-user.

“2G, 3G, 4G and 5G will be co-existing in the network for different purposes,” Zhou said.

Huawei aims to develop a new 5G ecosystem through its X-Labs. The X-Lab is open to working with different companies who are interested to partner for the development of 5G technology.|

5G technology can possibly start in countries like Japan, Korea, and China as these have “more aggressive plans” when it comes to technology, Zhou said.


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  1. LTE/4G internet connectivity in the Philippines is among the slowest in the world, and is only available to subscribers less than half of the time.

    What will the Philippines telco’s do with 5G tech ?

    The same thing they did with 4G (screw it up) provide unreliable service coupled with terrible customer service and charge more than anyone else in the world for their substandard service.