5th DQ case filed against Poe


A former law school dean formally joined the ranks of those opposed to the candidacy for President of Sen. Grace Poe.

Amado Valdez, former dean of the University of the East College of Law, on Monday filed the 5th disqualification case against the senator at the Commission on Elections (Comelec) law department.

Valdez argued that Poe, a foundling, has “lost forever” her natural-born status in 2001 when she took her oath as an American citizen.

He also questioned her residency in the country, which he said is short of the constitutionally-mandated requirement of 10 years.

“Once you lose natural-born status, you lose it forever, you can’t reacquire it,” Valdez said.
His petition followed the disqualification cases filed by radio commentator Rizalito David, former senator Francisco Tatad, lawyer Estrella Elamparo and political science professor Antonio Contreras.

Poe is also facing a separate disqualification case before the Senate Electoral Tribunal on similar grounds.

The senator also on Monday said she is prepared to answer the new disqualification case filed against her.

“I am ready to face these cases even tomorrow, but I also like to know their opinion on other issues as well,” Poe told reporters.

Her spokesman, Valenzuela City (Metro Manila) Mayor Rex Gatchalian, said the senator respects the right of Valdez to file a case.

On Valdez’s claim that Poe lost her natural-born status, Gatchalian noted that provisions of RA 9225 or the Citizenship Retention and Re-acquisition Act of 2003 are very clear on this.

“The express provisions of this law substantiate the fact that she was deemed not to have lost her natural- born citizenship when she reacquired her Filipino citizenship. The act of repatriation is not naturalization,” he explained.

The mayor said Poe is prepared to face all the petitions that have been filed against her.
“We are ready to face all these petitions and prove them wrong,” he added.


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  1. Poe lacks humility when confronted with the 5th Disqualification case filed by Dean Amado Valdez. She diverted the legal issue by raising non-issues against Dean Valdez, other non-legal problems besetting the country like the MRT, etc… She is not yet the President of the Phils., yet she is so arrogant in facing the said case.

  2. ramon tolentino on

    The fact that she knew that she was not a citizen and still accepted the position of senator makes her a liar. Do you want to have a President who lies?

  3. The DQ cases against Grace Poe is gaining strength. It does not look good and all her financial backers are now thinking about this problem. An advice to Grace, from the start you should have known that Philippine politics is a dog eat dog world. It is very dirty and corrupt. What bothers me is why do you have to enter this politics? For money, I do not think so. For fame and popularity, there is no fame and popularity in Phil. Politics only dirt and garbage.

  4. Dean Amado Valdez is now a personal enemy of Mrs. Lllamanzares because he wants the truth to be knoiwn basing on legal arguments which she dislikes. She is learning the trapo way in politics and keeps on diverting issues about her qualifications. Another PNoy style in the making, yet her disciples cannot identify how similar she is to PNoy. There is truth to it that Grace is also a PNoy candidate in guise of being opposition. Evidence – she does not criticize the PNoy system in government, rather, openly admires it.

  5. Finally someone has said it right. !! She is no longer a Natural born Citizen but a naturalized born citizen. She renounced her being a natural born citizen of the Philippines when she applied for her US Citizenship. It was explicitly stated when she took the oath.

  6. Atty. Velez is correct. A “natural-born” citizen is one whose citizenship was acquired “naturally” at birth without having to undergo any legal or administrative process. The framers of the Constitution wanted “purity” of citizenship, not an “adulterated” version. This is a layman speaking guided by common sense.

  7. Quoting Poe:
    “I am ready to face these cases even tomorrow, but I also like to know their opinion on other issues as well,” Poe told reporters.
    I’ve watched the interview on Poe online. The “other issues” she was referring to are the traffic problem, the problems of the MRT, etc. Why are these relevant? As usual, she’s projecting herself to be a victim of harassment. Until now she didn’t get the point why many of those who filed DQ cases against her are either lawyers, law professors or dean or other legal luminaries. The answer is simple; these people know the law and for sure, they know that Poe violated the law.

    • She was pushed to run because of the good surveys and being the number one in the senatorial race. Now she cannot backout because of expectations from family , friends and financial backers. She is a good person with no so good advisers. Now if SET disqualifies her, that will be the beginning of the of the end for Grace Poe. You know to tell you the truth, I pity her.