• 6 of 10 Pinoys reject 2nd term for Aquino


    SIX of 10 Filipinos do not want President Benigno Aquino 3rd to run for a second term if the Constitution is amended, a survey by Pulse Asia revealed.

    The pollster’s Ulat ng Bayan survey conducted from September 8 to 15 showed that 62 percent of Filipinos believe that the President should not extend his stay in Malacanang beyond 2016.

    This sentiment is strong in all socio-economic classes–63 percent in class ABC, 61 percent in Class D and 65 percent in Class E.
    The pollster said only 38 percent of Filipinos or four out of 10 favor term extension for Aquino.

    Opposition to Charter change was strongest in Metro Manila and Balance Luzon at 67 percent and 71 percent, respectively.

    In the Visayas, 50 percent of those polled also rejected Charter change, just a tad lower than Mindanao’s 52 percent.


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    1. Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

      the issues I am not happy about President Aquino.
      1. The issue against VP Binay.
      Kaibigan, Family friend,
      The Senate BRC investigation of the over priced World class, Green, Makati Parking Building, has brought out the massive corruption
      happening in Makati. All these accusations are denied by the VP as politically motivated but failed to answer the charges convingcingly. Yet the President still states that he still trust the VP Binay, and still is part of his cabinet.
      2. the issue against Gen. Purisima.
      Utang na loob, Kaibigan.
      There is a law against public officials receiving gifts, donations, favors and discounts.
      The President seems to be ignoring this laws.
      3. On former President GMA.
      When BA III run for President, he knew all the alleged corruption cases that happened during GMA’s term. And as the elected President he is supposed to correct the mistakes , solve the problems, and clean the government. Now that the problem still persist his excuses is blaming GMA.By doing so he is making an excuse for not being able to correct, to solve, and to clean the Government.
      4. Members of the Presidents Cabinet.
      There are very good Cabinet Members in the Presidents Cabinets. There are also Cabinet Secretaries that are questionable in their assigned positions whether they are qualified or not.
      5. Haste makes Waste:
      the clearing of containers in the port was lacking comrehensive study and coordination with other administration, resulting in massive traffic jams. Solutions should have been midnight movement of these cargoes. Using sea lanes, would have avoided using the land route and thus avoid traffic jams.
      The daang matuwid of the President is not for all erring public officials. Remember,
      If you have committed 10 good deeds and at the last deed is bad, all the good deeds are gone.

    2. MALIWANAG ang mensahe nitong surveys. GETS niya for sure. Pero matigas lang talaga ang ulo. Obsessed na sa power.

    3. P. Akialamiro@yahoo.com on

      I wonder why there’s even a talk about term extension for this sitting president when he has not shown any exceptional achievement; he claims of “tuwid na daan”, but he is only after his enemies and no conviction yet; he claims success of economic program, yet, it is GMA’s; he claims the departure of more OFWs during the previous terms, yet, it isn’t true; claims the use of DAP to stir economy and with beneficial effects, yet, untrue and part of it was used to ‘bribe’ members of congress to oust CJ Corona; claims “walang mahirap, kung walang kurap”, yet, he’s defending his corrupt appointees despite obvious findings after initial investigations; revealed that he wanted to get back at the Marcoses and attacking the U.N. of late which shows that he has no tact; attacks the SC which is the last arbiter rights in a democratic country like ours, despite en banc decisions, etc.Thank God, we still have democratic processes to avail of.

    4. don’t expect pnoy to believe that. as far as he is concerned, its just a poll. the only way to for him believe is if the polls are in his favor. no matter who conducted them.

      • Hah hah hah!!! PersiNoynoy can definitely conclude that he should run.

        I can see him look at the nmbers and conclude. Si Binay, 30% lang!!!! En sino pa kung hindi ako! Pilipinas wants me for 2016 presidency!!! Can’t you see??? Survey says 40% will vote for me… ako ang pinaka-gusto ng mga alipin ko, yey!!!!”