• 6 African nations could be malaria-free by 2020: WHO


    GENEVA: Six countries in Africa, the continent where malaria is most widespread, could be free of the disease by 2020, according to a WHO report published Monday to mark World Malaria Day. One of the goals of the World Health Organization’s 2016-2030 program against malaria is to wipe out the disease in at least 10 countries by the end of this decade. “WHO estimates that 21 countries are in a position to achieve this goal, including six countries in the African Region, where the burden of the disease is heaviest,” the Geneva-based organization said in a statement. These countries are Algeria, Botswana, Cape Verde, Comoros, South Africa and Swaziland. In South Africa the elimination of malaria is a public health objective. The country registered 11,700 cases of the disease in 2014 – down from 64,000 in 2000 – with most diagnoses coming from areas bordering Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.



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