• 6 protesters arrested for smearing us embassy seal


    The police arrested six of the more than 50 students who threw red paint at the official seal of the United States Embassy on Wednesday along Roxas Boulevard in Manila. Nabbed were Teddy James Angeles, 19, Gerardo Guddli, 21, Orion Yoshida, 21, Aries Guput, 23, Gem Arami Cataog, 21, and Karl Paulie Anactay,18. Meanwhile, 17 members of the Manila Police District were injured when the rallyists threw bomb paints at them, including PO1 Al Arif Asmadud who was rushed to a nearby hospital. The activists oppose the Visiting Forces of Agreement, a Senate-crafted document that allows joint military exercises between America and Philippine forces anywhere in the archipelago. The six were charged with malicious mischief, damage to property and illegal assembly, according to MPD commander Chief Supt. Rolando Nana.


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    1. they should be jailed and make them clean and remove that paint themselves under guard until they finished their jail time.

    2. The United States should leave the Philippines to fend for themselves.

      With all the problems the Philippines government creates by increasing poverty and corruption, scandal after scandal and the 50 students outrage over a super power that offers military presence help.

    3. No protests against China’s annexing Philippine territory? Curious. I guess if its communist, its OK.

    4. Nancy Bulok Cake on

      These LFS activitists never learned their lesson. They should abandon their fight for the NPAs and the Chinese government taking over the Spratly Islands. I prefer to be under the United States government than the Chinese. I don’t know why these activists never threw paint at the seal of the Chinese embassy when it is obvious and a fact that China took some islands from the Spratlys. I never heard any of these stupid people/activitists demonstrated and complained against China. Mga peste kayong mga Leftists sa lipunan. Why don’t you all go to China and leave the law abiding Filipinos at home.