6 ways to put more ball spin with your wedges


It is such an amazing sight to see your ball spin back as soon as it carries the green. Or, at the least, makes a check and stops at the second. How do you want to do that?

Well, there are at least six ways that I know of to achieve this type of spinning. It is a combination of good equipment, sound swing mechanics, ideal turf conditions and pure ball striking abilities. So, spinning your ball with your wedges would seem to be more suited to a selected few. It is difficult to achieve by most, but definitely possible.

Good quality wedges
You need a good quality wedge or a set of wedges. Good wedges normally have milled clubfaces that establish more friction on the ball at impact. The swing and over-all weights are also suited to generate the recommended momentum. Thus, in effect, spins the ball more. Older used wedges are okay but these will not be as effective as the new ones.

American Jordan Spieth playing a shot during a practice. AFP FILE PHOTO

Premium Golf balls
Premium golf balls are a must. It does not have to be expensive because they basically work just the same. A three-layered ball will work just fine and a famous brand is not necessary. Never attempt to use long distance balls for the reason that they are not designed to spin more.

Turf conditions
An ideal lie of the ball and turf conditions will greatly be of great assistance in allowing the ball to spin. When the ball is at rest with a good lie, it is much easier to achieve good ball contact. When coupled with receptive greens, the spin effect becomes greater. Sometimes, the spin will also depend on the grain of the green and spin less.

Clean clubface
Make certain that before making your pitch shot, clean your clubface thoroughly. Any dirt that goes between the clubface and the ball upon impact will definitely lessen the spin. When the clubface is clean, it generates more friction against the ball. It then maximizes the spinning effect. If and when the ball contains some amount of debris, do not expect to gain maximum spin.

Ideal ball striking
An ideal ball strike happens when the club head hits the ball first upon impact, then eventually brushes or divots the ground. When this type of shot happens, the spin becomes most effective. This would certainly require some amount of acquired skills. You may need to practice this the most so you can become more consistent sooner.

Club head speed
Club head speed is necessary to produce the optimum amount of spin to allow the ball to stop or travel backwards. A soft shot will never succeed in spinning the ball as much as you need to. So make sure you practice your wedges with speed. But put in mind not to hit hard as there is a difference in swinging fast and swinging hard.

To recap, the six ways that I have mentioned above are based on the combination of good equipment, sound swing mechanics, ideal turf conditions and pure ball striking abilities. The more ways out of the six that you can acquire, the better your chances are to put more ball spin on your wedges.


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