The Lawyer Jemina Sy-Flores, BOC account management office (AMO) head said that importers were suspended for non-compliance with Customs policies on disclosure of detailed product descriptions for goods imported in the country.

    “This is technical smuggling because they did not declare correct description and true value,” Flores said.

    She added that the importers had violated the Customs Administrative Order (CAO) 8-2007 and the Customs Memorandum Order (CMO) 28-2007.

    Under the CAO 8-2007 and the CMO 28-2007, imported articles must be described in sufficient detail for proper valuation and tariff classifications.

    “Importers and brokers are therefore responsible of for enumerating details such as specific product description; make, model variant and brand; and retail packaging or stock-keeping unit [SKU] in the import entries filed with the Bureau,” it said.

    Flores explained that the Customs orders are the basis upon which an importer should declare the specific descriptions of the products imported.

    “Dapat complete description siya, like color, engine and all . . . ang iba kasi ilalagay lang motor vehicles ‘di ba? Ang iba leather boots, iba clothings lang . . . anong clothings? Mamaya Lacoste na pala iyan,” she said.

    She emphasized that the BOC was forced to suspend the accreditation of their import permits despite the notices and warning sent by the bureau to the importers.

    “Pero despite the notices and warning ‘di pa rin sila nag-comply that is why we recommend for suspension,” she said.

    Citing the BOC’s record, it showed that the 70 suspended importers are South COT Traders, Golden Season’s Corp., Foot Specialist Intertrade Inc., Shining World of Smiles Inc., Flavie Enterprise, Sunrisebountiful Trading Corp., Aison Surplus & Auto Parts Corp., Hamamoto Motor Trade Co., Advanced Impex International, ALB Enterprise, APC Motor Sales, Cebu Sendai, Nexus Technologies Inc., Powertrade Industrial Sales Inc., Sumifru (Phils.) Corp., King’s Safetynet Inc., Eleksis Marketing Corp., Baxter Healthcare Phils. Inc., Terumo Marketing Phils. Inc., Isport Life Inc., Josefino Trading, GWSI Fruits Commercial, EBD Fruits Commercial, Orion Import Trading, Globe Telecom Inc., Federated Distributors Inc., Litekon Buildtek Corp., Machinebank’s Corp., Mirsael Sutus Inc., Star Footwear Inc., Dans Bike Shop Inc., Homedirect Inc., Coco Technologies Corp., Ducasse Mktg. Inc., True Fast Dyeing Corp., Century Limitless Corp., Tacloban Worldsun Trdg. Inc., LPI Rack-Range Phils. Corp., DCE Marketing, Optraline Marketing, Shinkozan Corp., Clerical Enterprise, Copperfield Marketing, Graphicstar Marketing, GSEGM Corporation, 3Second Gate Marketing Inc., Emerson Industrial Supply Inc., Onland Marketing, Ideal Mktg. & Mfg. Corp., Bold Bidder Mktg. and Gen. Mdse., Neutron Industries Inc., Camlon Enterprises, Aramcho Enterprises, Inter-Continental Grains, Big O’s Tire Corporation, Indentrade Systems Corp., Dan’s Bike Shop Inc., South Pacific Int’l. Marble Dev’t., TSM Sales Inc., Philfoam Furnishing Industries Inc., MN Electro Ind’l. Supply & Services, Golden Bat Far East Inc., Oceanway Import Trading, Titan Movers Enterprises, Spintex Asia Mfg. Inc., Tungkok Spinning Mills Corp., Top Exim marketing, Springway Enterprises, Respawnable Enterprises and Universal Steel Smelting Co. Inc.

    Meanwhile, Flores clarified that the importers’ suspension can be left until they appealed it before the deputy commissioner Editha Tan of the Revenue Collection Monitoring Group (RCMG) of the BOC through its legal service.

    She urged that importers should comply with the Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines (TCCP) before they can import their products to the country.

    “Being an importer is a mere privilege kung ‘di ka mag-comply sa regulations natin, pwedi i-revoke, i-suspend, or cancelled ang privilege just like what happened in this case,” he said.

    On the other hand, the BOC assured that to process shipments for suspend importers with pending shipments, but clarified that future shipments will not be processed “unless they file to lift” their suspension.

    Also, brokers of the suspended importers will be affected by the order of the BOC.

    “Yung broker na suspended they could not practice their profession sa BOC unless they lift the suspension. So lahat ng client ni broker damay,” she said.


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