7 highlights of Disney’s ‘Newsies’


Disney’s “Newsies” is bringing in rave reviews and packed audiences, and there’s still time to catch the dazzling and spectacular show today.

The boys of ‘Newsies’

Produced by Globe Live and 9 Works Theatrical, the musical has created a triple-threat extravaganza that rivals some of the best local productions seen in recent memory, commented Broadwayworld.com.

Based on a 1992 Disney film, Newsies is loosely based on the real-life 1899 newsboy strike in New York City, where a group of boys initiated a strike hoping to improve how the child labor force of newspaper hawkers were compensated.

ack Kelly and Katherine Plumber’s love story is something to look forward to onstage

“Newsies is one of Broadway’s most difficult shows to produce because it demands its actors to be able to sing, dance, and act. We were able to pull it off with 19 out of 19 rave reviews and the loudest cheers and standing ovations for every performance. It’s a show that’s not to be missed,” Senior Advisor for Creative Marketing & Multimedia Businesses Joe Caliro shared.

Here are seven things to look out for in Newsies:

1. The David and Goliath story. A group of young boys demanded fair wage from Joseph Pulitzer and
William Randolph Hearst, two of the country’s biggest newspaper publishers. The outcome of the strike, both in history and in the musical, encourages viewers to fight for what’s right, no matter how big the foe. This happened on 21st of July, which marks the 118th anniversary of the strike, making the Newsies production in Manila all the more special.

2. The unforgettable music. Developed by award-winning composer Alan Menken, who also created the music for “The Little Mermaid,” “Beauty and the Beast” and many more. Newsies won a Tony Award for Best Original Score, the stellar cast led by Gian Magdangal as strike leader Jack Kelly, Danielle Chopin as journalist Katherine Plumber do justice in their roles, same with Jef Flores as Davey and Pinky Marquez as performer Medda Larkin. Take note of the infectious “Seize the Day” and “King of New York.”

With dance moves on point, great music and a gripping story, ‘Newsies’ is definitely a triple-threat

3. The unbelievable dancing. Saying that Newsies is one of the most difficult shows to produce is true. The Broadway production also won a Tony Award for Best Choreography, which isn’t surprising considering it combines ballet, hiphop, tap, jazz and gymnastics. To prepare the cast, Globe LIVE established Training Ground, a series of sessions with choreographer PJ Rebullida, where the cast took singing, dancing, and acting training to become triple-threats.

4. The live orchestra. The singing, acting and dancing is accompanied by a live orchestra, which makes the show even more electrifying to watch. The band is hidden at the back, but they make their presence felt with every instrument they play, making the audience want to dance and clap along.

5. Jack Kelly and Katherine Plumber’s love story. Every story has a love angle and in Newsies, it’s between Kelly and Plumber. Besides striking against the country’s top publishers, Kelly is also pursuing Plumber, a smart and beautiful woman from an established family. Sparks fly between the two and the audience can’t resist swooning every time.

6. The gorgeous set. A breathtaking set at the outdoor amphitheater of the Globe ICONIC Store, where the large cogs and three-level scaffoldings could be moved around between scenes, has been created. This was the perfect setup for the actors, who maximized the stage with their pirouettes and backflips. The classic turn-of-the-century NYC backdrop adds authenticity and feel to the set.

7. The cheering audience. Caliro encourages the audience to cheer and have fun instead of just politely clapping. The audience goes wild after each number, creating a fun and vibrant atmosphere redefining the Filipino theater experience.


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