• 70% of Pinoy netizens distrust cloud internet


    SEVEN out 10 Filipinos who use the Internet doubt the security of the cloud system, an online poll conducted by New Trend Micro Security showed.

    The majority of respondents were worried about storing personal information on the cloud, with 65 percent saying they do not trust the system at all.

    Still, 65 percent of the respondents continue to store photos use on the cloud and 80 percent use the system to store personal and work-related documents.

    Based on the survey results, Trend Micro is introducing Trend Micro Security 10—a security and privacy solution fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 10. It said the security features are simple to use while providing state-of-the-art protection for consumer data.

    The company claimed its product lets users connect and engage safely online despite the evolving threat environment regardless of the device or operating system.

    It supposedly covers private information from data-theft and other malicious online threats on both personal and business devices.

    Among the top three greatest fears of respondents in the event of an online security breach are stolen personal and financial data (79 percent), viruses and malware infections (70 percent), and identity theft (57 percent ).

    “It’s a fact of life that all laptops, smart phones, PC’s and tablets are susceptible to data theft, and stealing information from one’s digital life is easier than most people think,” said Akihiko Omikawa, Executive Vice President at Trend Micro.


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