Deftones: A little less than rock stars


What would you do to spend a night with Deftones?

If you’ve grown up listening to this band, then you’d give everything just to get to know the people behind the music that touched your soul.

With their hypnotizing riffs and heart-pounding drums, matched with ambiguous lyrics that switch from screeching to rap to melodic verses, Deftones’ sound can make anyone forget they’re even alive. Their music sounds painfully good as it dances with emotions and transports its listeners into a melancholic world. OMG! May 15 ‘Being star struck by Deftones’ blog stated, “There’s something about this band that makes you forget you’re a professional.” True enough, some make that mistake and forget about everything, even their own dignity when it comes to this alternative metal band.

Coming to reality was a hard hit, knowing that the band who created such perfect rock music are just normal people themselves, wanting to chill out and have a good time. And while they struggle to keep their private lives intact, people are curious to know what it’s like to be Deftones — a band that is completely different and above from the rest of its peers.

With the spirit of rock music that’s purposely heavy and loud, Deftones has certainly drawn a rebellious and defiant crowd of the becoming-of-age 90s, as well as new-breed rock enthusiasts that connect with their “forward-thinking,” “blue-collared” rock music that’s been around for 25 years.

Becoming men and still making music

Deftones has come a long way since they first formed in 1988. At the press conference in Diamond Hotel last May 25, they recalled how they began as a band. They were childhood friends just jamming in the garage, while testing each other to see what sounds they are able to create as a group.

“We were 11-years old and 12-years old when he (Cunningham) and I met, then I took him over to meet Stephen (Carpenter) when we were 15. I heard that he played drums and said “you are going to be in my band.” I wanted to be the drummer but I wasn’t as good as Abe so he (Carpenter) said you’re going to be the singer,” Chino Moreno, the band’s vocalist, told The Manila Times when asked about their rise to fame.

Coincidentally, they started playing songs from the all-Filipino metal band, Death Angel.

“It’s funny because we were actually playing Death Angel at the time, and he (Carpenter), closed the door on me. He was sitting on the couch, and I came up to him and I was like “Hi!” He was like, “the drums are in there!” and I was like, “cool.” So I went in there and he shut the garage door (while I was playing)!” drummer Abe Cunningham said as he generously shared to The Times how it was like playing with Deftones for the first time.

For those who grew up with the music of the 1980’s and 1990’s, a lot has happened since. While most dropped their dreams of becoming rock stars to go on living 9-hour day jobs, Deftones has gradually reached success through their passion for making music, at the same time just rocking it out, having fun with best friends, and making seven studio albums along the way.

“I think it helps that everyone is generally talented. I mean, I think I’m the least talented of all, but these guys, we’ve been together since we were kids and like Stephen said, he’s very persistent and he was pretty much the guy that told us what we were going to do,” Moreno told The Times at the press conference.

Deftones Press Conference

Members of Deftones answer questions from local media

These men, who as kids had never imagined being famous for their music, are now in their prime. Their music, like themselves, has evolved into a certain style of sophistication and maturity, far from their all-heavy, guitar-screeching, vocal-churning days that was once full of “uncertainty” and nervousness, that came with starting out and being young. Nevertheless, people still enjoy the first album until the latest, with new and old fans still listening to that same distinct Deftones sound that’s progressive yet emotional at the same time.

Today, they are one of the most respected, sought-after rock bands of the century, transcending past their ‘nu-metal’ stage that put them above bands like ‘Korn’ and ‘Limpbizkit’ that they were once compared to. They have proven that when it comes to rock, they know how it’s done.

In discovering new things along the path of fame, Deftones has a lot to share.



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