75,000 containers congesting Manila ports


Customs Commissioner John Philip Sevilla admitted on Monday that about 75,000 containers of goods are congesting the two major ports in Metro Manila and have greatly affected their revenue collections.

In an interview, Sevilla said majority of the importers have not moved out their shipments at the Manila International Container Port (MICP) and the Port of Manila (POM).

During weekdays, he said, they “normally” move out only around 5,000 containers.

“There are about, as of Friday, 75,000 containers na nakatambak na lang,” Sevilla said.

“Please understand it is not Customs’ role to this port congestions, it is not customs’ role to put out congestion. What do we do? We are clearing as efficiently as we can either it is indifference between cleaning their shipments in Customs and physically taking their containers off,” he said.

Sevilla said the Bureau of Customs is open seven days a week so that importers can move out their shipments even on Sundays.

“We are bending over backwards; we are working on weekends to target the congestion here. The private sector need to respond too,” he said.


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  1. Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

    The owners of the containers should pay a parking fee for their parked containers.
    If they dont pay, and owe parking fees to a certain amount, BOC should comfiscate the containers and sell them.

  2. Why will the BOC not penalize the importers if they will not clear and pull-out their containers, if true that it is not BOC fault. Let us listen to what the importers will say. Probably the BOC is just passing the buck on the importers for their inefficiency.