Eight people were crushed to death as a huge crowd of typhoon survivors stormed a rice warehouse near the devastated city of Tacloban.

    “One wall of our warehouse collapsed and eight people were crushed and killed instantly,” Rex Estoperez, spokesman for the National Food Authority said on Tuesday.

    Police, soldiers and private security teams were guarding the storeroom in Alangalang town, 17 kilometers from Tacloban, but were overpowered by the crowd, who carted off more than 100,000 bags of rice, Estoperez added.

    “There must have been so many people to carry away so many bags of rice,” he said, adding that each bag weighed 50 kilograms.

    “Our staff were there but they could not do anything without risking their safety.”

    The spokesman said 129,000 bags had been taken—33,000 of which were full of edible milled rice but 96,000 contained grain which could not be readily eaten.
    Estoperez said his agency believed looters were looking to profit by selling the grain.

    “Some people are really hungry but others just wanted to ransack for money,” he said, adding that the food authority was coordinating with the transport department and military to ensure that ships and trucks carrying rice would be properly guarded.



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    1. 129,000 bags? 33,000 cavans well milled rice and 96,000 cavans palay, ito pong mga ito ay tig 50 kilos bawat sako, sa NFA po ito sa gobierno ni PNoy,naniniwala po ba tayo na nilusob nga at binuhat ng tao ito, malalambot na po ang mga katawan ng tao sa gutom hindi na po kayang bumuhat ng 50 kilos. Kailangang paimbistigahan kung ilang sako talaga ang inabutan ng mga taong nagugutom, matagal ng nalimas ang laman ng bodegang ito sa palagay ko. Napakaraming tao ang bubuhat nito 129,000 cavans at kailangang pawang mga lalaki. Napakagandang dahilan ng National Food Authority.