8 Malaysian forces killed by Kiram men in Sabah ambush


This is incredible. These people are fighting for what is traditionally theirs. Why are Malaysian government paying them meager rent money that was negotiated many years ago during the colonial days? To me that is an acknowledgement that they do own this land, and they want it back. The least the Philippine government can do is have a dialogue with the Malaysian government regarding taking this issue to the proper forum like the United Nation, and not ignore the claim of this Philippine citizens to the point that they are considered criminals. I guess our brothers from the South are not important enough even though they chose to be subjects of the corrupt Philippine government. What is wrong with this picture?
Pete Gabriel, killarney1013@yahoo.com

Funny thing is I was at the location and . . . where was the ambush?! . . . very funny because I’m still alive . . . not knowing I’ve been ambushed by Kiram terrorist last Friday . . . hahaha . . .
Kakashi, codarl8@yahoo.com


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