$81-M heist hatched in China – Recto


WHILE some Filipinos were involved in laundering $81 million stolen from the Bangladesh Bank, the money heist did not originate from the Philippines but from another country, Senate President Pro-Tempore Ralph Recto said on Thursday.

There are indications, according to Recto, that the money heist may have been hatched in China based on information obtained by the Senate blue ribbon committee.

Kim Wong told the committee that he got a tip that a huge amount of cash will be transferred to the Philippines from two Chinese businessmen — Shuhua Gao and Ding Zhize.

Wong said the two moved the money to the Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC).

“To a great extent, naloko rin tayo. Una, may natulog sa pansitan [We were duped. First, somebody slept on his job at] Bangladesh Central Bank. Yung computers nila napasukan ng virus o malware. Sabi pa nga sa mga ulat, inside job. May kakutsaba sa loob. [Their computers were infected with virus or malware. There were also reports that it was an inside job],” Recto said.

He added that the New York Federal Reserve can also be faulted for allowing the wire transfer.

“How come it was able to pass though their verification process?” Recto noted.

The senator said he has reason to believe that the masterminds of the cyber heist are from mainland China.

“This has all the makings of a made-in-China problem,” Recto added.

In fact, he said, it is only the Philippines that is helping Bangladesh in solving the case, adding that instead of launching a high-profile investigation, the New York Federal Reserve is even trying to wash its hands off the controversy.

“The early frantic calls of the Bangladesh Central Bank head were not even answered by New York,” Recto also noted.

If the heist was a conventional bank robbery, he said, “the robbers are not Filipinos, the accomplices are not Filipinos, the guards are not Filipinos, [the driver of a]get-away car is also not a Filipino.”

“However, the [get-away] vehicle was parked inside a garage of a Filipino,” Recto added.

Wong, in his testimony at the Senate on Tuesday, said Gao and Ding opened four bank accounts where the stolen money landed with the help of dismissed RCBC Jupiter Branch manager Maia Santos- Deguito and remittance firm PhilRem.

Wong admitted that he got P1 billion from the $81 million laundered funds that entered the country in February through his company, Eastern Hawaii Leisure Co. Ltd.

He, however, maintained that he did not know that it was part of the stolen fund.

Eastern Hawaii is a company that operates a hotel-casino at the Cagayan Special Economic Zone in Cagayan province in Northern Luzon.


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  1. Eh Ano naman sa palagay mo ang gagawin nitong si osmena na ito na puro ngak ngak ito ang gumawa ng halimaw na si Abnoy kasama si baboy Drilon hanggat naririyan ang tinamaan ng kulogo na mga yan ay hindi titino ang pilipinas, masyado ng malala ang damage ng pilipinas institutional na ang pag nanakaw at kataksilan sa gobyerno, harap harapan kung magnakaw at matatapang pa Haizzzz, kung may power lang ako pareho ni spider man susungkitin ang mga magnanakaw dyan sa senatong at tonggress. ako hilong hilo na sa kababawan ng mga politikong ito maging ang mga Supreme court Justices paano naging justices ang mga tinamaan ng kumag na to ? wala kang mapiling matino sa mga ito sunogin na lang ang mga yan at tingnan natin ang abo tyak amoy pera ang magnanakaw na iyan, Kandidato mag nanakaw, oportunista, at bopul saan ka pa haizzz madilim talaga, isang halimbawa ha bumili ng fighter jet daw e wala namang armas eh eh dyos ko at ngayon mag hihintay na naman ng ilang taong bago makabili ng armas baka mag crash na ang fighter jet eh wala pa ang armas. hindi ko maintindihan ang ganitong utak gayong puro naman iyan mga may Masters Degree daw ? maliwanag na kurakot ang hanap ng mga ito, at ang mga kawawang tao ay para na lang nanood ng sarswela. mahirap din naman ako pero kung tungkol sa siguridad ng aking paligid ay hinding hindi ako bibili ng sigunda mano wag na nating isipin ang kahihiyan idudulot nito kapag ito ay pumalpak sa panahong kailangan mo ito. ay tama na nga simulan na natin ok

  2. We are looking at a big money laundering machinery entrenched in our banking institutions. Nabuking lang ito dahil ang source ay stolen funds. Paano na yung mga fuinds na galing sa triad, yakuza at mga russian mafias?

  3. Big no….the plan was hatched in congress when the LP led coalition passed the bill in congress to exempt the casinos from any monitoring and investigations of the inutile AMLC…..

  4. Jacinto Baybay on

    Too many speculations and grandstanding. Leave it to the experts to identify the perpetrators quickly. Why not ask Wikileaks Assange or Snowden to help.

  5. Isa lamang Ang Solution sa lahat ng crimen nangyayari sa atin, Duterte Ang sagot! Ibabalik ni Duterte Ang Death Penalty. Tama na, Sobra na itong mga criminalistics activities sa bansa natin. Let’s vote for Duterte for President and BBM for VP at tignan natin Kung saan pupulutin itong mga insekto.

  6. Romeo Tuazon on

    So Wong didn’t know that the money he got through his co. the Eastern Hawaii Leisure Co. Came from the $81 million heist. Hogwash. It’s his co and he should know the financial day to day activities of his business, special such a large amt of money. And it’s been since Feb. he should have alerted the auth. And so Sen Osmena already saying the Wong should be given liniency? How much lagay did you get Sen Osmena. We have several high ranking officials that are metted harsh punishments by the Sandiganbayan for a mere 1 to 4 million pesos and they were banned for life to serve in any public office and forfeiture of retirement pay and these hodlums that taints our Filipino images and stole money in the billions will get liniency? I can’t believe you people. You are a disgrace. You should recommend the of application of justice Be fare and balance. You have no right to state the word liniency. You should have freeze their assets and tract down their transactions. Oh Lord, our God, please wake up the minds of our supposed leaders and forgive the sins of our officials. There are few senators, that are still goods like Trillanes and Cayetano.

    • There are few senators, that are still goods like Trillanes and Cayetano.

      Trilanes with his 55 consultants

      Cayetano gave his pork barrel allocation to Napoles fake companies in exchange for campaign funds

      These two senators are the goods ? Haha