• 87 people injured in Hong Kong ferry accident


    HONG KONG: A high-speed ferry traveling from Hong Kong to Macau collided with an “unidentified object” on Friday, injuring 87 people and raising new concerns over maritime safety a year after a ferry crash claimed 39 lives.

    Last month the city marked the one-year anniversary of the fatal ferry collision off Lamma island, Hong Kong’s worst maritime disaster for over 40 years that sparked widespread shock in a city usually proud of its safety record.

    In the latest accident, the double-deck hydrofoil “Madeira” carrying 105 passengers and 10 crew hit “an unidentifiable object” around 1:15 a.m. local time near one of Hong Kong’s small outlying islands, boat operator TurboJet said.

    “We know 87 people were injured, three of whom are in a serious condition,” a Hong Kong government spokeswoman told Agence France-Presse.

    It was not clear what the object was but passengers described being hurled out of their seats by the force of the nighttime collision.

    “There was suddenly a loud bang. The ferry was thrown upwards. Then many passengers were thrown out from their seats,” one passenger identified as  Wong was quoted as saying by Hong Kong’s Apple Daily.

    Hong Kong’s waters are notoriously crowded. Hundreds of vessels, from rickety wooden sampans to enormous container ships, ply the shipping routes that crisscross the territory every day.



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