• 9 out of 10 Pinoys ‘hopeful’ in 2015


    NEARLY nine out of 10 Filipinos will welcome the coming year with hope despite recent tragedies that occurred this year, according to pollster Pulse Asia.

    The agency’s latest survey showed that 88 percent of those polled from November 14 to 20 “in every geographic area and socio-economic class” shared the same positive outlook.

    Pulse Asia said “hope” was the “predominant sentiment” among all people surveyed.

    The pollster also noted that only one percent will face the coming year “without hope” while 11 percent are ambivalent.

    The 88 percent “hopefuls” include 86 percent in Metro Manila, 91 percent in Luzon, 89 percent in Visayas and 84 percent in Mindanao.

    The same sentiment is prevalent among 90 percent of Class ABC, 89 percent of Class D and 84 percent of Class E.

    In Malacañang, spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said results of the survey only embolden the government to continue working for reforms “to honor the enduring optimism of our countrymen.”

    “Hope and optimism have always been characteristics of the Filipino people, who, throughout history, have consistently refused to give in to negativity, or to be cowed by challenges. The Aquino administration itself has been witness to this; we are a government borne of our people’s belief that the tide can turn in the Philippines; that good governance can replace an entrenched culture of corruption,” Lacierda added in a statement.

    The Palace official noted that the November 2014 Ulat ng Bayan survey came as welcome news “in spite of the challenges that the Philippines faced in 2014, including the most recent one posed by Typhoon Ruby.”

    “As we have been doing in the past four and a half years, we will continue to implement reform in order to honor the enduring optimism of our countrymen. In this way, we can all ensure the virtuous cycle of change: a government committed to realizing the hopes of our countrymen, and a people fully engaged in fulfilling their individual roles in nation-building,” Lacierda said.

    Those facing 2015 “without hope” include one percent in all geographical areas and almost all socio-economic classes—with zero percent of Class ABC having such a sentiment.

    The survey also showed more than half or 52 percent of Filipinos expect their Christmas celebration to be “no different” from 2013.


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