• 9 NSAs form martial arts council


    NINE national sports association (NSA) convened to form the Philippine Olympic Committee-National Sports Association Martial Arts Council on Wednesday at the Wack Wack Golf and Country Club in Mandaluyong City.

    The NSAs included in the council are the Muaythai Association of the Philippines, Philippine Karatedo Federation (PKF), Arnis Philippines, Philippine Judo Federation, Philippine Taekwondo Association, Wrestling Association of the Philippines (WAP), Wushu Federation of the Philippines, Philippine Pencak Silat Association and Association of Boxing Alliances in the Philippines.

    “We are already talking about forming this council long time ago. At last, we are able to convene and formed this group,” said PKF Secretary General Raymund Lee Reyes in an interview with The Manila Times on Thursday. Reyes said they are still going through the structural stage as to how the council will work in the next months. According to him, the objective is to create an impact and make the people aware about the existence of each martial sport and its uniqueness.

    “[This council] will only help and upgrade all of the martial arts in the country. I guarantee you,” said WAP president Alvin Aguilar. To promote the sport, the council suggested organizing mall tours, not just in Metro Manila but also in the provinces, be it a small or medium scale, just to attract more audience.

    The council will submit a proposal ahead of each of program or event. Among its future plans are a Martial Arts Expo and an Asian Martial Arts Festival, which the Philippines can host.

    A group of sports medicine practitioners will be in charge of first aid and safety of the athletes.

    To maintain a high degree of professionalism, the council would conduct instructors training and refresher courses.

    The council is yet to elect its officers.


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