• ’90s balladeer is ‘Galema’s’ dad

    Dante Ponce

    Dante Ponce

    A handsome face from showbiz circa ’90 is now part of the cast of the hit afternoon series Galema on ABS-CBN.

    Remember Dante Ponce? He plays the role of Gen. Roger Barredo, father of Andi Eigenmann’s mythical character. He returned to the country in 2013 after a decade-long hiatus.

    “I’m so glad to be back—this is where I belong,” Dante enthused at his “reunion” with the showbiz press.

    Dante was one of several pretty-boy balladeers launched during the ’90s along with Ariel Rivera and Calvin Millado. He got hitched in 1993, however, and decided to migrate to the United States, even while his career was on the up.

    Having successfully raised a family as well as a photography business in the US, he finally followed his heart and returned to showbiz, with the top-rating series as his comeback vehicle.

    Dante has kept both his voice and acting chops sharp as ever and openly said, “My main focus now is getting exposure, whether in singing or acting.  Whatever comes along, I’ll take it. I’m not picky, and I’m a patient guy,” he concluded.

    Galema airs weekdays on ABS-CBN.  For more information on Dante Ponce, call Backroom Inc. at 4351108, or email backroominc@hotmail.com.


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