9TV joins CNN to launch CNN Philippines


Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific and Nine Media Corp. on Tuesday announced a joint venture partnership to launch CNN Philippines, an English news channel on local free-to-air television that will also be available 24 hours on cable and pay TV.

As the CNN website continues to lead the way as the world’s most visited news channel portal, an important part of the partnership will be a world class digital component with the CNN Philippines TV channel being complemented by CNNPhilippines.com.

“I think there is a great moment for CNN to come into countries and when we do that, we look around to see who’s on the market, we look around the environment, we look around who allowed transparent, balanced and free journalism,” said Greg Beitchman, senior vice president for content sales partnerships, CNN International.

He added, “Well I think for us, for CNN, we got a lot (from the partnership). Our brand reaches a wider audience via free-to-air (TV audiences) that 9TV Media reaches. We also get a stronger editorial presence here, so the Nine Media network will be growing its editorial coverage and we’re able to take editorial content and news from them about the Philippines and that is official from us.”

CNN Philippines will operate from studio facilities in Manila and will replace 9TV on the RPN network nationwide. It will be an English-language channel that offers a dynamic combination of local and international news, as well as current affairs, feature programming and documentaries.

“By integrating local elements and content in its programming, CNN Philippines brings together world-class local and international content for Filipino audiences,” said Ambassador Antonio Cabangon-Chua, chairman of Nine Media Corp.

Working closely with their TV counterparts, CNNPhilpines.com offers the latest news, business, science and technology, entertainment and sports, as well as opinion and analysis, special reports, exclusive interviews and videos. CNN Philippines and CNNPhilpines.com will officially launch in the first quarter of 2015.

“It’s our opportunity, our way also to reach into the local market and so as you know CNN is big on news gathering, we have a very large footprint worldwide. We want to tap the team here to broadcast the best news from the Philippines internationally, and I think that is really important and that is what the partnership is all about. It’s not a one-way business, it’s a two-way partnership,” said Ellana Lee, senior vice president and managing editor of CNN International.

The launch of CNN Philippines is part of a greater strategic effort undertaken by CNN International’s Content Sales and Partnerships Group, a division of Turner Broadcasting International. The core business is to explore ways in which CNN can reach more consumers locally, regionally and internationally across both digital and linear platforms, including branded channels, by partnering with other leading media organizations.


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