• Hop Pico Piko

    Classic Filipino street game now on mobile phone


    Before gadgets became the default game for children, streets all over the Philippines teamed with girls and boys playing the local version of Hopscotch or piko. Almost forgotten by now, this classic “larong Pinoy” is making a comeback, and not to be ignored, because piko is invading smart phones for free.

    Dubbed Hop Pico Piko in this new millennium, piko’s digital version also takes place in the streets of Quezon City as chosen by its creators. Upon download, kids can enjoy the Filipino game by tapping on active squares while trying to reach the end of each street. After that, piko’becomes a game of endurance in “Endless Mode” where players have to go farther and farther as the street scrolls faster.

    “Hop Pico Piko is the perfect mix of simple mechanics and addictive game play that will keep kids tapping the retry button,” said one user in the comments section.

    Nationalistic players will particularly enjoy the game no matter what their age especially with Filipino indie rock blaring through the streets as background music.

    A game that is proudly Filpino from concept to music to graphics, technocreative lab Digify, Inc. is behind this commendable project, which is noted for other hit local the mobile game versions of GMA Network shows “Kapuso Milyonaryo” and “Encantadia Blast.”

    “We created this app to reminisce all those old games we used to play in the streets back in the ‘80s. Nowadays, kids are always on their phones or tablets; they really love their apps. Hop Pico Piko is one way for us to keep that Pinoy tradition alive and pass it on to the next generation in a way that they will appreciate and enjoy,” says Binky Belardo, Digify’s vice president for Marketing and Content at the game’s launch.

    Already up and available at Google Play Store and Apple App, Hop Pico Piko’s are happy to offer their latest release close to the end of the school year for Filipino children to enjoy.


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