• A birthday commentary: BS Aquino 101


    PRESIDENT BS Aquino The Last turns 55 tomorrow.

    How will the military greet him on his birthday anniversary? With a 15-gun salute, of course, hopefully with blanks.

    And how will the people greet him? Unquestionably, with a call for his resignation. Lamentably, he’s not expected to listen to his “bosses,” his claim of discomfort with the trappings of power notwithstanding.

    This day is as good as any other day to discuss the kind of president that he is. Why is he called BS Aquino? He chose this when he disregarded his middle name “Cojuangco” in favor of his full name Benigno Simeon. Many acclaim him for this appropriate choice which cuts both ways.

    But why BS Aquino The Last? Well, it seems he might never get to sire a son that he could name after him. He’s still single and the clock is running out of him. Or, is it the girls? After his first days as a senator in 2007, he threw a getting-to-know-you shindig for Senate reporters. I asked his gofer then, now Budget Secretary Butch Abad, how come Noynoy was still a bachelor. Butch replied within the earshot of Noynoy: “He’ll never marry as long as Cory is alive.” That was in 2007. Cory died more than five years ago but Noynoy’s still single so Butch’s statement was off. Calling him “BS Aquino The Last” could goad him into finally marrying and having an Aquino The Fourth.

    Oh, but a man can be a bachelor and still sire a child, right? Just ask DILG Sec. Mar Roxas. So, why is there no report about an Aquino The Fourth despite the President’s being linked to a number of girls? A friend said the answer could be found in the President’s neck. A bullet grazed his neck during a coup attempt led by Sen. Gringo Honasan in 1987. This could be the reason why he often could not hold his head straight. This could also be the reason why, during Senate sessions, he was often looking up the ceiling as if he was counting lizards, in the words of a fellow Senate reporter. (Look for another reason why he often opens his mouth and smiles even when not conversing with another person.)

    Going back to my friend’s analysis, he said the bullet that grazed the President’s neck could have raptured a vein that affected his virility. I don’t know if my friend’s merely pulling my leg but he swears by his conclusion. Perhaps, the President must have had recurrent pain in the neck but definitely, he has been a pain in the neck since he went to Malacañang.

    The death of President Cory was a great tragedy. However, it spawned an even greater tragedy in the emotional catapulting of her son to the presidency. I wish I could say something nice to him on his birthday. The PCOS, the Disbursement Acceleration Program, the pork barrel, the rise in smuggling, the protection of guilty allies and recently the lack of sympathy for and empathy with the massacre victims and their families – how can I make a favorable spin out of these?

    On second thought, I could think of something to praise him for. Once, I think in 2008, he made a well-researched interpellation of Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile who was sponsoring a bill seeking to amend the Electric Power Industry Reform Act. Well, that was “one and done.” There was no follow-up. That’s why in his three years as senator, he never really impressed us. If you’ll make a more serious research, you’ll find that he had a very negligible press coverage before his mother became gravely ill.

    During the three years that I covered him at the Senate, I found him to be onion-skinned. I had already written about his reaction on my article wondering why, after nine years as congressman and more than two years as senator, he still didn’t know that the Senate could consider a House bill without a counterpart measure. He said in a menacing tone after we were about to part: “Oh baka naman kinakalaban mo lamang ako.”

    If Malacanang believes that criticisms of the President come only from the “usual suspects,” it should read more comments from netizens. A reader, Christian Albert Pua, chimed in his opinion on the character of BS Aquino The Last:

    “Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he was never compelled to work hard.
    “He was insensitive to the death of the SAF commandos because he knew nothing about truly working for the national interest.

    “The Filipino people have lost their trust in the incompetent leadership or non-leadership of Noynoy. If he’s really for justice and the national interest, he must save the nation by resigning.”



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    1. he will not be called “BS” Aquino for nothing if he is not. we must thank God for making him bs aquino the last. for his birthday, i hope this one is not the last…

    2. Happy birthday Mr President! Your “I am the father of this nation” speech caused me to vomit a bit but after drinking some Sprite, it seem to have relieved my nausea… I’m ok now…here is my middle finger to commemorate your special day. Up yours!

    3. The appropriate gift for Aquino’s birthday is to receive the spit of the public. It will reinforce the feelings we have about him and maybe he will get the message.

    4. muriel magtanggol on

      Diba birthday ni Cory nangyari yung massacre of the 44 commandos? Sana lagi niya itong maalala, habang buhay. Tulad nang bala sa leeg niya …hindi matanggal sa kanyang alaala, lalo ang mga katagang “Stand Down!” Sa iyo BS Aquino – Step down! Kay Binay, Step No!

    5. I have a reason to thank him. Thank you Benigno, for having given us, courtesy of your own stupidity, a very good reason to throw you out of Malacanang. Here is to a long life, out of public service. May you spend your life moaning and groaning over that wasted opportunity afforded you by hocus-pcos. Do learn to forgive yourself for your own folly, after all no one else can love you, but yourself, despite what you are.
      Enjoy your birthday in Malacanang. A future celebration cannot happen in that same place again. That is a guarantee.

    6. The nation wishes you a birthday gift …. Give the people a break . take a rest … One cannot improve on his competence or in Competence with a hundredion people as guinea pigs ……. This is not a video game, that you can start over to improve your score

    7. Mr. Danao, let us be careful with what we ask for. PNoy having a child? Even if out of wedlock or not this is very dangerous. PNoy is a very poor specimen to have a child because sorry to say this, his sibling may turn out to be like Josh Salvador, his sister Kris son with Philip. Why do I suggest this? Because apparently Josh got his autistic gene from the Cojuangco-Aquino because we have not heard any of the Salvador, hundreds of them have no mentally challenged child among the hundreds of them.

    8. iamwell bungari on

      You are brutally frank and . . . cruel. Nobody resigns on one’s birthday. You can say something nice to him on his birthday: “Mr. President, I forgive you. Please forgive me too, for my criticisms, even if they are true. I did not mean to offend you. I am a citizen first and a journalist second. . . I am only exercising my right to let you know you are not that perfect. So, please resign, a day after your birthday!” One can still be courteous and pleasant to a President, his/her negative feelings toward him notwithstanding.

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        What a nice suggestion. But with the kind of president we have, do you think that such will work? Not even his alter egos would do that since they come from the same flock. God bless the Philippines.

    9. So, he is 55. That is a chronological age. How about his mental age? How about his emotional age? And his adversarial quotient?
      What a DISGRACE this BS Aquino THE LAST.