• A Blur of Beautiful Things


    I must be on my deathbed
    Maybe life has come to an end
    I don’t know where I am going
    Where the road leads down the bend
    All I see is light before me
    While I walk a pathless field
    Lamps are wafting with the shadows
    Of the night in light shall yield
    A blur of beautiful things.

    I feel safe inside
    Your blur of beautiful things.
    Three years pass me by
    Like a blur of beautiful things
    Sometimes I remember
    The things I should forget
    But I can’t let go of these
    Beautiful things, not yet, just yet.

    And I dream of resurrection
    And I dream of a new day
    Maybe I am going underground
    Now maybe I have crossed the fray
    All I hear are angel voices
    Singing me to blissful sleep

    And I wade in their calm waters
    Now that I have reached the deep

    Of a blur of beautiful things.

    I feel safe around your water,
    Your blur of beautiful things.
    Let me die, let me drown
    Nothing keeps me from returning
    To the life I know and hold
    Only this, my love, I’m burning
    In your cold, cold, cold

    Blur of beautiful things.

    Give me all your beautiful things.
    Let me be those beautiful things.
    I shall be those beautiful things,

    Just a blur of beautiful things.

    I am the soul who seeks you by the sea.
    I feel a pulse at the sight of your face.
    I melt at the frame; you make my blood race.


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