A bribe by any other name


THE Liberal Party of President BS Aquino 3rd is playing our whole nation of Filipinos for fools.

This paper recently reported that the LP has been working to boost the floundering campaign of Aquino’s designated successor Mar Roxas by promising municipal and city mayors all over our country P100 million each in the form of government projects in exchange for their support for the party’s otherwise thoroughly unappealing candidate.

After first denying that such a thing was happening, on Monday Malacañang confirmed the offer was in fact made, but protested that it was innocently done: Roxas was, both Presidential Mouthpiece Sonny Coloma and Budget Secretary Butch Abad said, merely assuring the local government leaders that Roxas would, if elected, “demonstrate his commitment to meaningful development” by using the “Bottom-Up Budgeting” program.

In the wake of the scandal that erupted last year after Aquino and his sly budget manager were caught manipulating the national budget through the so-called “disbursement acceleration program” (DAP)—which the Supreme Court ruled as unconstitutional—the “Bottom-Up Budgeting” program was hastily conceived as a substitute and pitched to the public as a “clean” program that eliminated the DAP and the “pork barrel” that is doled out to congressmen and senators. Instead of passing through congressional representatives, local government units would now deal directly with government agencies, which, or so the Aquino regime tried to convince everyone, would put a stop to development budget funds being used for political gain.

Obviously, all the “new and improved” program has done is exactly what everyone assumed it would when it was first conceived, which is to concentrate the resources for political use in the hands of the President. Under the pork barrel system, deeply flawed though it was, there was at least a hint of non-partisanship in that each legislator was supposed to receive an equal amount (P50 million per congressman, and P200 million per senator), regardless of political affiliation. The DAP was contrived as a way for Aquino and his henchman to “legally” compensate for the opportunity for political opponents to control budget funds; with the “Bottom-Up Budgeting program,” the opportunity was finally removed.

The claim that the recent offers made on Roxas’ behalf were “not a bribe” is laughable, because the implied message was just as clear as what was actually said: Not supporting Roxas would mean P100 million would not be available to you, Mr. Mayor. If Roxas was serious about presenting the new budgeting program as a reform his administration would pursue, then he should have presented it in a different way, that is, to the public as a part of his platform, with an explanation of why it is better than other candidates’ ideas.

Of course, Roxas, through his own words and his activities on the campaign trail, has already assured everyone that he is nothing more than an avatar for Aquino and the champion of the twisted, self-serving concept of “daang matuwid.”

We cannot expect an ethically sound President in Mar Roxas and an uncorrupt Roxas administration.


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  1. Carmen Rossello on

    The above is a misrepresentation of Mar’s election promise. If he becomes president, he plans to distribute government funds by adding 100million for programs in every city and municipality. On the contrary Duterte promises federalism where in 60% of each federal state’ funds will remain in the state and only 40% remitted to Manila. This is Duterte/Cayetano’s way to fight corruption in Manila, and to decentralize. So this are promises. Which one would we prefer? Something permanent that will not change with the next admin. Many Filipinos prefer federalism.

  2. Nope its not grace. It is binay all along. The savior of the yellow empire. A grand plan since 2010 courtesy of chevital

  3. Even the tv ads of Mar Roxas are making us viewers as fools. The cash transfer benefits for the poor, PhilHealth and other in-placed benefits are already mandated under the law. These are not services only provided by this government under tuwid na daan. These are regular services by the government even under Gloria Arroyo. Whoever the next president will necessarily be required by current law to pursue these programs. Wala kasing maipakitang sariling accomplishment si Mar Roxas. Ang tagal niya sa government puro palpak naman. At yung kapalpakan na yun ang ipapagpatuloy niya. Credit grabber si P-Noy at ganun din si Mar Roxas. Mga manloloko!

  4. Just like any suspect bill or government operation, they will just hide it under a different name, a new set of letters or a new set of acronyms. The pork barrel was something that never worked at improving our living conditions. They want to keep the money somehow from being part of collective National Treasury, so they will KEEP morphing the Pork Barrel’s basic scheme into something less recognizable, make it sound more legitimate. The same way they play letters around the BBL and call it BLBAR, to confuse and diffuse.

  5. Ito Na siguro nag pinaka-WALANGHIYANG administrasyon sa kasaysayan Ng pilipinas…bakit ba naupo itong mgaTULISAN Na ito????

  6. if the mayors fall into this trap, they are worse that dreaming fools. the BuB (or P100M budget) being promised in exchange of support to Roxas is just a promise since these LP manipulators will just dribble the ball and in the end will revert to the congress to approved the BuB simply because giving the funds to LGUs without congress appropriations is technical malversation. the mayor who are fooled will wake up from a nightmare when Roxas wins and the promise thrown in the bottomless pit.

  7. Leodegardo Pruna on

    The Filipinos are really fools if they could not discern that P-Noy is not sincerely behind MAR but rather behind disgraced GRACE. Reason, GRACE could easily be persuaded to tow the LP line because of the DQ case and inexperience. The fact that the LP admitted MAR promising P100M to the mayors as kitties for projects once in office was a trap and MAR is doomed. God bless the Philippines.

  8. Papayag pa tayo na isa pang anim na taong paghihiganti,panunuhol,pagpapabaya sa kapakanan ng masa,pagmamasaker sa mga SAF,na puro daldal at katamaran?