• A bunch of marauders


    Dear Sir,
    My parents and relatives live near Camp Navarro, Calarian, Zamboanga City, and I am very much worried for their safety. I have been reading and hearing news that the Moro National Liberation front through their spokesman Mr. Absalon Cervesa of new attacks against the people. Other residents are also in fear because they might attack Zamboanga City again in revenge because of their failure to seize Zamboanga.

    Mr. Misuari, if he really left the country this month, must control his men. The MNLF is already terrorizing the people and adjoining provinces may be their next targets. Mr. Misuari delights in wasting lives, properties, and the future of his victims.

    It is really a big wonder why the MNLF does not tire of violence. It is already enough that Zamboanga was destroyed, and is trying very hard to recover and here they come again talking of new attacks. The MNLF really wants to put the country down, kill people and destroy the economy.

    MNLF rebels are now considered more than a bunch of marauders, mercenaries and killers. But we all know that no matter how hard they try they can’t win over our government and our armed forces and police.

    Karl B. Salid
    Luzon Avenue, QC


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