A candidacy built on lies


Using the UP Bahay Alumni (Alumni House) for a stage, and a clone of Danding Cojuangco’s 1992 “May Bagong Umagang Darating” (A new morn is coming) as her political anthem, the non-UP alumna Grace Poe Llamanzares announced her bid for the 2016 presidency, saying, “I am Grace Poe. A Filipino. A daughter, wife and mother. And with God’s grace, I offer myself for the country’s highest calling as your President.” It was meant to be a tour de force, a major mass media/cinematic event; but it turned out to be the biggest practical joke of the season. The whole thing was built/is built on a lie. On a series of lies. How, in Heaven’s name, can one invoke God’s grace to sanctify a project founded on lies?

Her full name is Mary Grace Natividad Poe Llamanzares, Poe from her adoptive parents, Ronald Allan and Jesusa Sonora Poe, otherwise known to movie fans as Fernando Poe Jr. and Susan Roces; and Llamanzares from her American husband Neil Llamanzares, said to be an employee of the powerful businessman Ramon S. Ang of San Miguel Corporation, and father of her three beautiful American children, Brian, Hanna and Nikka, all surnamed Llamanzares.

If she is running as a wife and mother, as she says she is, she should be proud to use her husband’s and children’s family name, Llamanzares. In the noblest and most dignified Filipino families, wives and mothers cannot think of doing anything else. There is great honor and pride in it. But Mary Grace dropped her husband’s and children’s name in favor of Poe when she ran for the Senate under false pretences in 2013, and stuck to “Poe,” which voters associate with the late FPJ, who died in December 2004, after losing the presidency to Gloria Macapagal Arroyo despite his large following as an action star.

It is necropolitics at its worst—-exactly as the Aquino mother and son had practiced it, except that neither Cory Aquino nor her son PNoy had to prove their legal ties to the martyred Ninoy. In her case, Mrs. Llamanzares had to claim falsely that she was born to FPJ and Susan Roces, even though she was found four months before the childless couple was married, and they adopted her only in 1974, purportedly through a municipal court proceeding in San Juan, Rizal, at a time when adoption cases were decided by the old Juvenile and Domestic Court or some other court but never by the municipal court. Where is the truth and honor or grace in that?

Mrs. Llamanzares says she is a Filipino. That is a claim rather than a fact, disputed by the law and all known facts. In fact, the Senate Electoral Tribunal is currently deliberating on this issue, upon a petition by citizen Rizalito David who questions her right to remain in the Senate. We cannot belabor this enough: she is neither a natural-born Filipino, nor even a legally naturalized Filipino. She is, in fact, stateless, according to the law. She was born a foundling on Sept 3, 1968, and found in the premises of the parish church in Jaro, Iloilo City by one Edgardo Militar who put her in the custody of Emiliano Militar. Nobody knew her parents, so nobody knew their nationality. Not having been born a Filipino, she could not claim to be a natural-born Filipino which means a Filipino from birth, without having to perform any act to acquire or perfect her citizenship.

Her adoption by the Poe couple conferred upon the right to a surname, to succession, and support, but not citizenship. Thus, how she became a Filipino citizen to enable her to travel to the United States remains a mystery up to this point. She became an American citizen by renouncing and abjuring entirely and absolutely any allegiance or loyalty to any foreign prince, power or state, but when she decided to go back to the Philippines, she renounced her US citizenship and decided to “reacquire” Philippine citizenship under RA 9225, otherwise known as the Dual Citizenship Law. This law allows “former natural-born citizens” who had lost their citizenship to become foreign citizens of another country after 2003 to reacquire their Philippine citizenship.

Mrs. Llamanzares was never a “natural-born citizen” and she became an American citizen in 2001, two years before the passage of the Dual Citizenship Law. She was not therefore qualified to apply for reacquisition of “Philippine citizenship” when she came back from the US. But she petitioned for reacquisition and her petition was approved simply by stating falsely that she is a natural-born Filipino born to the Poe couple on Sept. 3, 1968 in Jaro.

Can this lie ever be sanctified in the name of God?

Now, no person may be elected president, vice president, senator or member of the House of Representatives unless he/she is, first of all, a natural-born Filipino—and as we have more than amply and repeatedly demonstrated, she is not a natural-born Filipino, nor even legally a Filipino. Thus if her UP announcement matures into a formal candidacy, she would become the first ever non-Filipino presidential candidate in all of our history. Even if by some mysterious art she should suddenly morph into a “natural-born Filipino,” she would still become the first ever candidate for the Philippine presidency, with an American husband, and American children—an entirely American family. There was a time when no Filipino foreign service officer could marry a foreigner without obtaining the official written permission of higher authorities. This rule should apply to the President, Vice President, and members of the Cabinet.

I did not have the time or opportunity to watch or listen to the show. Together with former President Fidel V. Ramos. Some of my surviving colleagues in the Marcos Cabinet (Cesar Virata and Gerry Sicat), and other friends, I was detained at the launch of Joey P. Leviste Jr’s anthology on Lee Kwan Yew, containing tributes to the recently departed father of modern Singapore from 35 Filipinos. But my friends who watched and listened to Mrs. Llamanzares found her performance exceptionally underwhelming, bereft even of any entertainment value. Antonio “Butch” Valdes of Solidarity for Sovereignty and Save the Nation Movement immediately texted me to say, “After listening to Grace Poe, I am all the more convinced that our envisioned revolution will be an act of Divine Providence. He, mercifully, will have to intervene.”

God save us from Mrs. Llamanzares! This is what this important witness is saying. But all we have to do is to enforce the Constitution and the law not only on Mrs. Llamanzares but on all her swaggering oligarchic patrons who seem to believe they could do anything and everything they want with their power and money. Since she is already facing a disqualification suit before the SET for not being a natural-born Filipino, divine intervention could come in the form of a judgment from that body, unseating her from the Senate. If this judgment comes before the October filing of certificates of candidacy, then Mrs. Llamanzares would be spared the trouble of having to file an invalid certificate. Otherwise, the legal proceedings questioning her ineligibility to run before the Commission on Elections and the Supreme Court could be protracted unduly.

However, many are inclined to look at Mrs. Llamanzares’s “candidacy” as a practical joke, no different from the satirical “candidacy” of the 15-year-old “Deez Nuts” in the US primary that’s trying to choose the official presidential candidates of the Democratic and Republican parties for the 2016 US presidential election. Deez Nuts (whose real name is Brady C. Olson) is a high school student from 2248 450th Avenue, Wallingford, Iowa, 20 years too young to be legally elected president. He entered his name in the primary, and Public Policy Polling included him in the opinion surveys that had Hillary Clinton (D), and Donald Trump (R) fighting head to head.

In that survey, which appears to be far more reputable than the paid propaganda surveys of False Asia and Mrs. Llamanzares’s adoptive uncle Mahal Mang-ahas, Trump polled 40 percent, Clinton 38 percent, and Deez Nuts 9 percent. We have not heard much from him since then, but he appears to have gained support beyond Iowa, and triggered some kind of revolution in the filing of “fake-name” candidacies. Some people from 23 states have offered to help him campaign, he says. Deez Nuts says he is willing to step aside in favor of any of three worthy politicians, notably Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont), who is talking to America about changing the system, instead of simply trying to improve it. From Sanders’s camp, we hear the very slogan that powered the UP quarter storms in the seventies: “If not now, when? If not us, who?”

Unlike our presidential wannabes with their enormous problems trying to find a possible vice presidential candidate, Deez Nuts has a ready-made VP. “I would choose Limbertbutt McCubbins (D-VT),” he says. “McCubbins is actually a house cat, albeit with a catchy slogan.” I suppose Mar Roxas could learn from this.

What prompted Olson to do it? In one interview online, he said, “I really didn’t want to see Clinton, Bush or Trump in the White House, so I guess I’m just trying to put up a fight.”

Question: What do you think qualifies you to be president?

Answer: The fact that I can fill out a form so vague that it doesn’t include your age, or the fact that you get accepted, even if they’re only partially filled, anyone can win.

Q. Did Public Policy Polling start using your name in polls at your request—-or did they start doing that independently?

A. I asked, but I wanted it to be against low-pollers, like me vs. Lindsey Graham vs. Lincoln Chafee, to see how desperate voters would be in that situation.

Q. How far are you willing to take this practical joke?

A. As far as America wants to take it.

The difference between Mrs. Llamanzares and Deez Nuts is that while the latter knows his “candidacy” is nothing but a practical joke, and that he has no right to expect to be elected, this joke of a senator is puffed up with every illusion that she has a right (even duty) to run for, and be elected as president, regardless of what the Constitution says, just because those who control her believe they own the country and all its political processes and could crush anything that lies on her path to electoral victory.

We cannot take this wicked candidacy seriously. We must reject it, even it if is imposed on us by naked power, mass media and money. We have a right to insist that “revolution,” “revolutionary council,” or “revolutionary change” replace this illegitimate candidacy.

IN MEMORIAM. Atty. Alan F. Paguia, dear friend, patriot, law professor, and firm advocate and defender of the rule of law, died in the peace of our Lord yesterday. We shared many legal and political battles together, including the fight against the patently unconstitutional Reproductive Health Law. He would have turned 61 on Oct. 10. I extend my deepest condolences to his wife Pilar and family, and I ask the pious reader to join me in praying for the repose of his soul. Thank you very much.



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  1. No matter what you say, I prefer a presidential candidate who has untarnished integrity integrity , credentials and track record. All others can be learned.

  2. These discussions call to mind the humblest greatest artist, Rodolfo “Dolphy” Quizon. When asked to run for the presidency, he declared “pwede, pero paano kung manalo ako?”

    He humbly laid down the basic tenet that popularity does not equate to capability.

    To Senator Grace Poe, take heed of the words of a popular wise man, Ka Dolphy.

  3. Disappointed Filipino says,
    Itom ang mahirap sa ating mga filipino; kung makita nating umaangat ang isang tao,(candidate for this matter) marami tayong pinapansin na mali para lamang mai-down siya. Bakit di natin siya bigyan ng chansa na mamuno ng ating bansa baka sakaling
    maisakatuparan and kanyang mga promisa. Maawa kayo sa ating bansa, and mga tao na naghihirap dahil sa halip na gamitin and mga pera sa kapakanan ng mga tao ay NINANAKAW mismo ng mga ELECTED NATURAL FILIPINO CITIZENS para sa kanilang pansariling kapakanan.
    I do believe that Grace Poe can lead the country to a better future for thje Philippines kaya bigyan siya ng pagkakataon, puro naman kayo daldal lalo na itong si Tatad.

  4. For me wala akong pakialam kung ano ang nationality ni Grace Poe at least kahit papaano ay may nakikita ako sa kanya na maaaring ikapagbabago ng bansa natin… kisa KAYO na dati ng ibinoto ko at nanungkulan na sa gobyerno pero wala naman akong nakikitang pagbabago… hayaan nyo kapag nanalo si GRACE POE ay mababago rin ang mga kulay nyo na parang mga hunyango at magbabago rin pati ang mga bunganga nyo. Kaawaan pa sana kayo ng poong maykapal na sa kakacorupt ninyo sa kaban ng bayan na ipinapakain nyo naman sa mga anak ninyo sanay hindi na nila ito manahin. Take note: Dami nyo ng napupuna.. eh postal ID nga ng pilipinas ay english at espanyol parin ang nakasulat… at sana di na ito papel at wala ng bayad. POE for PRESIDENT

  5. If Grace Poe win, it will be easy for Neil Llamanzares to be recruited as CIA spy. Play your imagination what will happen.


    But she is not a natural born citizen!

  7. Aba e kung gusto ninyong harangin ang kandidatura ni Grace ay pakibilisan ang proseso dahil kahit ako na nakikita ko ang kabutihan sa puso nya sa pagmamalasakit sa kapwa tao ay ayaw kong paikutin sya ng totoong may pakana at may pansariling interes sakaling maipanalo nya ang pagkapangulo.
    Isang hula na pwedeng mangyari ay ang maipanalo nila ni Chiz ang Pres at VP na posisyon at sa bandang huli, si Chiz din lang ang totoong uupo sa trono.
    Kawawang Grace, nahawaan agad ng bulok na sistema ng byurokrasya, sana ay nakinig sya sa mga totoong kaibigan at hindi sa mga papuri at palakpak ng mga nakapaligid na mga dambuhalang nag-aabang lang ng oportunidad.
    Pakibilisan ang pagharang bago pa ang lahat, para sa kapakanan ng pamilya nya. Alam ko naguguluhan lang sya at napupuwersang magdesisyon dahil sa mas higit na mabubulaklak at mapagpuring balatkayong pananalita ng mga taga-suporta (kuno!)

  8. Grace Poe is in a thick of telling the truth. She should not be running for the presidency. Chiz Escudero had a hand on this. The guy wanting to be VP of the land hand to assure Grace Poe they have the machinery…the winniability? But if indeed Grace Poe is a Filipino citizen she claim she is now, she should not have deopped her husband’s Llamanzares. Why use Poe? Was there a cinematic effect with FPJ’s Poe? Political isn’t it!

    Riding in that wind of popularity, Grace isn’t that politician still. She is inexperienced even in the eyes of Pnoy’s barkers. Rep. Leni Robredo knows this and this is the reason why she doesn’t want to join the circus…hope she stays away from these guys.

    To benefit most in this is the heart-enticing Chiz who believes Grace Poe is his victory chariot. Wonder why people in Sorsogon never voted for Chiz Escudero.

    The Senate Electoral Tribunal’s residency confirmation on Grace Poe is expected. And do we expect the truth to come out soon?


  9. Mr. Tatad have expounded well n have shown us the Big Deception that Ms. Poe is doing to Filipinos. The fact that she can lie to us so easily n at her convenience proves she is not and never have been a citizen of the Philippine Republic. Her ability to occupy public positions n get elected to the Senate shows how easy it is for a foreigner to do what they want if one have the right connection n funds from ambitious power hungry friends. Right from the start she had successfully used the ‘Alternative Truth’ to her advantage thus the Great Deception. I hope n pray the SET will have realized these Lies n Deception. But then she is Showbiz. Let’s hope n pray the SET n the COMELEC will disqualify this foreigner woman n the Supreme Court declare her a ‘persona non grata’ n eventually deport her to the U. S. A.

  10. This woman must be good. She must a real threat to the status quo. Otherwise, why are so many people trying so hard to disqualify her in technical grounds?

    Don’t get me wrong, I can’t see how she could be a good choice for president. But isn’t that the important point?

    * If she is NOT qualified through leadership skills, knowledge, depth of experience, etc – then just demonstrate it. We desperately need a president who is can lead with statesmanship (or whatever the gender-neutral term might be). This should be the focus of discussion.

    * But if she IS suitably qualified, then does it really matter whether she her birth right is not quite right?

    But we are not educated voters. We do not select on the basis of capability. We vote for family names and free packed lunched.

    As a result, we end up with a bunch of unsuitable candidates who cannot debate who has the best presidential skills – for fear of being so examined on the same basis themselves. Instead, we we knock down rivals on the basis of a technicality, or trumped up charges of corruption, or even allegations of throat cancer.

    Let us focus on the real issues and find the right candidate for the job for a change.

    • every candidate has to qualify first- that’s a legal requirement. how can we prove her worth when she has only since 2010 to the present to prove her worth for the highest position in the land. AS MTRCB chairman and senator. MTRCB is so farfetched from the presidency. as senator, she was thrown into the limelight by the mamasapano incident. While in the BBL hearings the other senators performed well, she hardly raised critical issues. pronouncements- promises have to be translated into actions. what should be our basis for taking seriously her words when there are so few accomplishments against which to judge her??

  11. With what has happened in the past 20 years after Marcos was ousted this is what you bring to the table to say Grace Poe should be disqualified to run as President? Exactly how much did that lie cost the citizens of our country? Whats worse? A blatant lie or billions of pesos/resources stolen from the people and put into the pockets of every single administration after Marcos? Whats more embarrassing? A senator that lied about her nationality but has has helped her countrymen or a “true pinoy” politician that’s done nothing but steal from the people and make themselves and their family rich? Was Grace Poe’s lie about her nationality the reason the United Nations has finally given our country an ultimatum to change or risk getting kicked ? Was her birthplace the reason why the Philippines is ranked no.1 as Asia’s most corrupt Democratic country? No…it’s the combination of the Magindinao Massacre where as I type only the little know Apatuans have been arrested while the head honcho is under house arrest…its because of the Pork Barrel Scam…its because of the complete incompetence in the handling of typhoon Yolanda…speaking of which who again was in charge of the currently 94 billions pesos still not accounted for? So please give her a break. Why not make a change? Or would you rather continue with the same direction our country has been in and perhaps by next year we won’t even be part of the UN…how wonderful would that be? Then whom will the Philippines run to for help when they are no longer part of the UN? Perhaps the BOC can help? After all their doing everything they can to tax what they can from all the OFW’s and balibayans for more revenues…

  12. I thought a foundling acquires citizenship of the country she/he was found.. That makes Grace a Filipino citizen.
    I think dhe is not ready to be president and should acquire more experience and credibility because this job is not for neophytes. Even the most intelligent and experienced have failed to deliver a better life to FILIPINOS. Uplifting the standard of living of millions of Filipinos, creating a strong middle class, getting rid of corruption in all the areas of government and bureaucracy, just getting rid of traffic, not an easy job.
    Don’t promise what cannot be delivered. Most have not kept their promises.

  13. ang mahirap dito kit ay pag na-dribble sa set o comelec o even sa supreme court ang kaso ng citizenship ni poequino at nanalo syang presidente. ano na ang mangyayare?? hahayaan na lang ba ng supreme court at mga tao ang hindi magandang ginawa ni poequino at hahayaan syang maging presidente kahit sa totoo lang ay isa syang banyaga?? vox populi, vox dei?? sana hindi na lang nag eleksyon para hindi na tayo gumastos ng bilyon bilyong piso para lang maglokohan. sana dinaan na lang sa survey.

  14. Sa akin hindi si grace ang problema kung gusto man niyang tumakbo bilang pangulo. COMELEC PO ANG PROBLEMA KASI HINDI NITO GINAGAWA ANG TAMA.

  15. Rennie D. Gregorio on

    Many of you have valid comments and opinions and I respect that. But what I don’t understand is when she ran for senator, I had never read anything like this before nor did I read any criticism, regarding her citizenship, whether she is natural-born Filipino or not, and the use of last name. Why only now that this is happening. Regardless of the elected position she is aspiring for, this should have been brought in the open when she was running for senator and not just now. If the laws and the constitution say she can legally run for president, so be it. People have the rights to say things about anything, likewise, people have the right to choose a candidate they can vote for. If anyone has any doubt about everything in her persona, don’t vote for her. Plain and simple.

    • Typical Filipino hipocritic custom, nobody knew. As always if you are illegitimate they sweep it under the carpet. Nobody cared at the time everyone was busy finding fault on Gloria and Corona. And remember she was under the umbrella of Aquino the liar the constitution destroyer. But now skeletons are coming out of the closet to hunt us. Ang sinugaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw, now Susan Sonora the lie is staring you on the face.

  16. Sir,
    The mystery is one thing that need to address.
    I’m in full aggreement with your logic in the substance of the facts you presented.
    On Constitutional issue and Statutory Law that applies, well… shebang!!!
    Mabuhay ang National Transformation Council!

  17. I don’t care if Poe wins or Duterte, Lacson, Mirriam, Marcos as long as they are still working for the same Administration. We need everyone on board and leverage each of their strengths. I assume you guys who commented here are educated or just the same person. Binay should be off the list btw, he promises something that is standard across other cities and make himself look great. He didn’t contribute anything in Makati where I live.

  18. Francis, your comments sounds like sour grapes to me.
    Her bid for the 2016 presidency, saying, “I am Grace Poe.(that’s her name, a lot of people know her by that name. Besides,there is no law that requires you to use your spouse last name, I’m sure your friends call you Isko instead of Francisco.)
    A Filipino.(she is , she has a Philippine passport, Philippine birth certificate and she has the features of a Filipino.” short, fair skin and Flat nose”),
    A daughter(she’s adopted daughter of the Poe’s),
    wife and mother(she is married and have kids).
    And with God’s grace(she is asking the blessing of God), I offer myself for the country’s highest calling as your President.”
    So where did she lie?,
    Francis,in your heart, you have no doubt that she is a true “pinay”. You are having a hard time finding excuses that she’s not.
    You compared her to that 15 year old in USA. I beg the difference sir.That kid is just a geek, Grace Poe is a famous Philippine senator.
    How could say that her candidacy is a practical joke when she is leading in poles.
    I think you’re just mad cause she decided to run against your horse instead joining him. That’s all.

  19. The end game for Llamanzares’ camp is to delay and prolong the resolution of her citizenship question until after the 9 May 2016 elections. Expecting to win because of necropolitics, tycoons’ money and organization, and name recall , her camp will then claim vox populi, , vox Dei to subvert the anticipated and eventual Supreme Court decision disqualifying her as a non- natural born Filipino citizen as required by the constitution. She is confident to run as an independent because she possesses already the tools of an officially sanctioned political party candidate and more. She has the mass-based shock troops that will be provided by Erap during the elections and during the more critical after- election mass actions that will be harnessed to disregard her disqualification. She has financial logistics , human tesources, headquarters, offices , computers , telephones and other paraphernalia for effective communication and helicopters and other vehicles for fast and more effective penetration of far- flung areas and congested city areas courtesy of San Miguel Corporation , Danding Cojuangco, other business tycoons, NPC, NUP, actors, actresses and other celebrities. Most mainstream mass media outlets will support her thereby further maximizing an already expanded name recall reality. Old movies of FPJ will bombard the airwaves and provincial movie houses three or four months immediately before elections, mainstream newspapers will give preferential rates to LLamanzares’ camp to show the full page add of daughter- adoptive father FPJ, while radios will continuously play FPJ’s favorite songs. In short, the election is for Llamanzares to lose.

  20. Robert S. Paguia on

    Thank you Senator Kit Tatad for this wonderful insight on the candidacy of Senator Grace Poe. In fact, I also had my two cents worth in my facebook account which to my surprise had been liked by many of my friends saying that they agree with what I mentioned in my FB status (though there was already 1 who defended Poe). If you will allow it, I am re-printing it here in my reply:

    “Poe for President — the biggest news that came out yesterday (today it’s Chiz’ announcement as Poe’s runningmate). Nothing against Sen. Grace Poe but how can somebody who once swore allegiance to another country (the United States of America) and in effect lost her being a Filipino claim on national tv that as a Filipino she is offering herself as an alternative choice for the Presidency of the land. While she can truly claim that she was a natural born Filipino citizen, the fact that she renounced it when she became an American citizen is tantamount to saying that she has lost every ounce of her being a natural born Filipino.

    Additionally, I was made to think about one thing: Sen. Grace Poe was elected Senator of the Philippines in 2013 for a term of six (6) years or until 2019. If a certain elected official was given a mandate for a particular position and for a particular period of time, I do believe that we should honor that mandate given to us by serving out the full term of the position for which a particular politician was elected for. It got me thinking that maybe a law should be pass prohibiting incumbent government elected official (meaning those who have not yet serve the full term of their position) from running for a different position than the one he/she is currently holding. This is not aimed at Sen. Poe only but also to all others who in the past had also done what Poe just did upon her declaration that she will seek the highest post of the land. Just look at what will happen if and when she wins the Presidency: a vacant slot for Senator would be created which will not be filled up by the 2016 National Elections since only 12 Senators would be elected. Hence, we will have a vacant seat in the Senate not because no one qualified for the position but simply because an incumbent with a term lasting until 2019 run in the 2016 National Elections.

    Lastly, I was just thinking if Sen. Poe had done enough in her rather short stint in the government service: first as Chairperson of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) and a 3-year Senator? It’s not all about leading the surveys and simply going out on public that President Aquino should be held responsible for the death of SAF 44 (which was underscored yesterday by both Vic de leon Lima and Karen Davila in their DZMM program). I would like to believe that it is still track record and experience that should determine the best qualifications for a Presidential candidate. They often refer to former President Cory Aquino as a prime example of somebody with no experience whatsoever who was able to lead the country for five years of her Presidency. But may I ask, how would you best describe the Cory administration? It was marked by so many coup attempts simply because people then were not happy with how the country was being run that time.

    Just wondering………..”

  21. As the Bamboos Sway
    By Rudy D. Liporada
    Poe is using God’s name in vain
    to insult the Filipino People

    Please don’t get me wrong. I am not siding for any candidate in the coming presidential elections in the Philippines. My beef, however, is not even whether or not Grace Poe Llamanzares is a Filipino or a US citizen.
    To me when she declared last September 26 “I am Grace Poe. A Filipino. A daughter, wife and mother. And with God’s grace, I offer myself for the country’s highest calling as your President,” she used God’s name in vain. It is like her saying ‘damn the constitution of the Philippines, I am invoking the most powerful, divine, almighty, and most superlative mandate of all.’
    That is because she could not say ‘And with the Constitution’s grace, I offer myself for the country’s highest calling…’
    The invocation is a very grave sin against the Third Commandment of God, far much greater than the sin of insulting the intelligence of the Filipino People (except for those who do not know how to read in general and have not read the 1987 Philippine Constitution in particular and are committing the same sins as her accomplices).
    Her vainness even comes from her mouth herself when she said “My life is an open book. Who would’ve thought that a foundling would ever become senator?” For those, who, until now, do not know what a foundling is – its, in this case, her biological parents are unknown, thus their citizenships are unknown. Her father and or mother could be Malaysian or Thai who have disposed of her in the Philippines. If the father was an Ilocano, that would be a different story but no one has yet come forward to make that claim.
    At least she does not lie about her being a foundling – to reiterate – whose citizenship is unknown at the moment of birth. I’ll give her that but to gloss over or be ignorant of the Philippine Constitution is a temerity for which she would never be absolved. I will not belabor the Articles and Sections in the 1987 Philippine Constitution on citizenship and who could run for president in this article. Much has been written about them already. Only those not insulted by Poe must not have read them or have problems understanding them (you do not have to be a lawyer to understand them really but, understandably, even lawyers on her side could not understand them).
    So, she is now running for president as a sinner and apparently unaware that she is insulting the Filipino people. She is promising to have her own version of BS Aquino’s Tuwid na Daan. She says “It is only right to continue the fight against corruption. We will hold the corrupt accountable, whether they be friend or foe. This should be the crusade of every Filipino, not just one person or party.”
    Not to pursue to the end the accountability rap of BS Aquino in the senate hearings on the Mamapasano incident is fighting corruption? Madame illegal senator, you just opened a window for BS Aquino to scripting an “alternative truth” to the death of 44 SAFs. You say “whether they be friend of foe.” You don’t even know if you are a Llamanzares or a Poe.
    So, how could we believe this foundling?
    How could we believe someone who uses God like saying if you don’t vote for me, God’s wrath will be upon you. How could we believe her, when elected us president, she will take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the Philippines when she does not even understand its Articles and Sections?
    And not the least, she is running under the name of his adoptive father as Poe for voters to gravitate to popularity and not to concrete platforms. Is this not a disgrace to her husband, Neil Llamanzares? If she could disgrace her husband, would she care for the Filipino people?
    But this should be acceptable to Neil, poor guy, who must be complicit in the ambition to occupy the Philippine Malacanang Palace as an American.

  22. They are making a mockery out f the Constitution of the Philippines, in the guise that they are independent of it, running under the Independent Banner. Is there anybody there like them who are “above the Law” still wanting to run this Beloved Philippines? “Abi indi mga lawyers mo-In Ilonggo.” The Senate is the Law Making Body of our country. Let the law prevail based on the Constitution which is also amendable.Ah we are a BIG BIG JOKE…

  23. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Disgraced GRACE is definitely running amok never minding what comes her way to fulfill a dream impressed upon her by the power and moneyed who are out muscling their way out of insatiable greed. Philippines where are you going? Opportunists are out to corrupt you? God bless the Philippines.

  24. On top of the lies, I will not vote for somebody who has ‘conveniently’ and ‘formally’ renounced his/her Filipino citizenship. I will not vote for somebody who ‘conveniently’ drops the name of his spouse for name-recall reasons and lastly, I will not vote for somebody who strongly thinks that the INC was oppressed, and that the separation of church and state was violated when DOJ simply accepted a legal complaint. I PRAY that Filipino voters may see through the lies, the disloyalty and the incompetence..

  25. The test of good citizenship is loyalty to country! How can she be loyal to our country if her citizenship is questionable and her immediate family is US citizen?

  26. For me, it is a shock to learn of the death of Atty. Alan F. Paguia. His death is a grave loss to the legal profession and the Filipino people. My sincerest sympathy to his wife Pilar and his family.

  27. But really, choosing among the three candidates, what do you think has the lesser sin? Roxas of LP, Lalong Perwuesyo, Binay of UNA, UNA na ako yayaman, or Poe, of citizency or residency issue?


  28. Grace is really a disgrace to the nation. She s a liar not once but so many times. A thick -faced brat, ambisyosa. How could she run an independent when shes backed up by oligarchs and maniac politicians who will just manipulate and dictate upon her.We need a strong-willed leader worthy of accomplishments and experience especially in this chaotic world.She’s another CORY+GLORIA….future disaster worse than YOLANDA.

  29. Dalawampung mga bagay ang ipinangako ni Senadora Grace Poe sa kanyang talumpati sa Pamantasan ng Pilipinas (UP) kahapon kung siya raw ay magiging Pangulo ng bansa. Lahat ng binanggit niyang gagawin ay pawang kabutihan at panaginip ng bawat matinong Pilipino. Subalit halos lahat sa mga ipinangako niya ay nagawa na o ginagawang kasalukuyan ng nakaupong administrasyon.Hindi sa minamaliit ko ang kakayahan ni Senadora Grace Poe, subalit may mga alinlangan sa likod ng aking isipan na ang ibang ipinapangako niya ay hindi mangyayari.Una, ang mga suweldo ng mga kawani ng gobiyerno at mga mangagawa sa pribadong sektor ay tutuong kulang pa at ito ay maaring dagdagan lamang kung mababawasan ang mga sobrang kawani ng gobiyerno na naghihintay lamang ng suweldo at walang malasakit sa trabaho. Gayuon din ang malalaking suweldo at panggastos (allowances) ng mga opisyal na may pakotse pa pero hindi sapat ang kanilang ginagawa upang sila ay biyayaan ng gayon. Kung tutusin ay mas marami ang magagawa at matutulungang tao kung ang bilang ng kawani ay batay sa trabahong kailangang tuparin lamang.Pangalawa, ang koriyente ay hindi dapat ganoon kamahal kung hindi nagpapabaya ang ating gobiyerno na dayain ng mga nagsusuplay ng koriyente and mga gumagamit nito. Dapat suriing mabuti kung magkani ang ginagastos ng mga supplayer (generators and distributors) at patungan lamang ito ng 15-25 porsiyento para pakinabang nila at kung magkano ang suma ay ito lamang ang dapat singilin sa mga gumagamit nito.Pangatlo, Ang droga ay hiundi masasawata hanggat kinukulong lamang ang mga naglalako nito at ang nangyayari ay kahit nasa kulungan ay nakapagbebenta pa rin at pati empleyado ng preso ay ginagamit nila. Kailangan ang lahat na mahuling naglalako ng masamang gamiot ay itapon sa isang isla, tulad ng kulion na tapunan ng mga taong may ketong.Pangapat, Ang pagbabago ng panahon ay likha ng Panginoong Diyos at hindi ito mababago ng tao. Ang maari lamang nating gawin ay lapatan ng sapat na paghahanda ang inaasahang pagbabago na inaasahang magdudulot ng pinsala at kahirapan sa mamamayan. Si Senadora Grace Poe ay alam kong may mabuting hangarin sa ating bansa at kababayan. Subalit, nangangamba akong hindi pa sapat ang kaniyang kaalaman sa wastong pagpapatakbo ng gobiyerno. Siya man ay naging Senadora, ngunit wala pa siyang nginawakan at itinuwid na malaking suliranin ng bansa. Ang mga napagukulan niya ng pansin ay pawang maliliit na suliranin lamang at hindi magbibigay ng malawakang kabutihan sa bansa at kapwa tao. Siguro, sa mga darating na eleksiyon ay maari na siyang umakyat ng baytang ngunit hindi sa pagkapangulo.

  30. Jose A. Oliveros on

    The then municipal court of San Juan had concurrent jurisdiction with the then court of first instance of Rizal in adoption cases, so the authority and jurisdiction of the former court to rule on the adoption of the foundling Grace Militar could not be questioned now.
    Under the Civil Code, a married woman may use either of the following in identifying herself: (a) her first name, maiden surname and surname of her husband; (b) her first name, initial of her maiden surname and surname of her husband; or (c) “Mrs.” followed by the full name of her husband. If Grace Poe-Llamanzares were to follow either of this three, she should be identifying herself as: (a) Grace Poe-Llamanzares; (b) Grace P. Llamanzares; (c) [Mrs.] Neil Llamanzares. But the fact that she has been using “Grace Poe” in her political propaganda means she knows that people will not identify her with the late FPJ if she uses “Llamanzares.” Another deception.

    • Can you give a reference or link to your claim that the Municipal Court of San Juan had concurrent jurisdiction with the trial court in respect of adoption cases in the year 1974? Is this the case even today?


  31. Anima A. Agrava on

    Are they pretending to be ignorant? Are they really putting our Constitution, laws and Republic under the bus?
    God save our country!
    God punish those who are building their political success based on lies.

    • Payag din ako s “COMMENTo” mo sister Anima G. Agrava ka ya bubuto ako sa hindi sinungaling at pretender na kandidato ng pagka presidente sa Pinas sa susunod na taon at hindi ba Dinoctor yoong birth certificate niya.

    • Leodegardo Pruna on

      They are not pretending to be ignorant because ignorance is no excuse in violating the law. Rather, they are pretending to be smart and foolhardy wanting to fool the Filipinos all the way. Take the case of Chiz, it follows that if by stroke of luck and they get it to be at the top and Grace is suddenly ousted then Chiz takes the top sitting down, right?God bless the Philippines.

  32. There is no perfect human being in this world. Opinion and views vary. In North America, newborn infants sometimes are found in bins, rivers abandoned by their natural mothers who must have personal problems or have mental dysfunctions. These babies must be naturalized borne in countries they were found but have not been claimed legally by their natural parents. An abandoned infant/child is in the hands of people willing to take good care of him/her but he/she is a natural borne citizen of that country where he/she was found. Physical appearance has to be taken into consideration but to say the child is not a natural borne is against reason and pragmatism. A pregnant Filipina visiting U.S. and then gave birth that offspring is an automatic U.S. citizen and will decide for himself/herself to retain or give up at the right age of 16 or 18 (I’m not sure about the age). Mr. ex-Sen. Tatad do you have solid, material evidence Sen. Grace Poe is not a natural borne Filipino? As you have stated her husband is an American citizen and so are the children. Sen. Poe unless she applied for U.S. citizenship still remains a Filipino having found in Jaro, Iloilo and adopted by FP Jr. and Susan Roces. You are a lawyer I supposed and was once the Press Secretary of FM Sr. if I’m not mistaken but I still believe Sen. Poe is a FILIPINA.

    • the philippines did not sign the international agreement, i forgot what it is called, till a few years ago i think. so even if the foundling should be given the citizenship where he or she is found according to the convention, that agreement does not apply to the phil. since it is not a signatory to it. the constitution, which is the very foundation of a country, specifically say that ONLY NATURAL BORN, meaning those born here without doing anything to perfect their citizenship, are allowed to sit as congressman, senator, vice-president and president. you can be a filipino but if you are NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, you are forbidden to be a congressman, senator, vice-president or president

    • With our history of 300 years of colonialism under Spain, and then under the US, medyo naging racist tayo ng konti. A child born in The Philippines of non-citizens take their mother’s citizenship. A child born in the US (or any other country) by a Filipina mother is a Philippine citizen and will be issued a Philippine passport when the Philippine Embassy is informed.

      Ganun lang ka-simple po iyon.

      Kung unidentified ang nanay ni Grace, hindi siya mabibigyan ng Filipino citizenship.

      Ganun lang ka-simple.

  33. Dear Mr. Tatad,

    I commend you … your courage in writing this column about Mrs. Llamanzares.

    I don’t know you (personally) and you don’t know me. I have no personal investment in you.

    However, I believe, because of my concern for the well-being of the country, The Philippines, that the people, the citizens of the country, especially, should take the time to read and reflect … understand what you are saying in this column. In a very clear, factual and substantial way, you have articulated the issue(s) that are involved in the case of Mrs. Llamanzares’ reported (and now announced) candidacy for the position of President of the Republic of the Philippines.

    As you hope and desire, I pray that the people … citizens of the country will be “divinely guided.”

    I also don’t know (personally) Mrs. Llamanzares and the other reported candidates for the Presidency of the Republic of the Philippines. I will not vote because I don’t have the right (I’m no longer a Filipino).

    I suggest that the name “Poe” not be used by Mrs. Llamanzares. Legally, technically, she is no longer a “Poe” by virtue of her marriage. Obviously, she is using the name to capitalize on the name’s appeal to the masses. The fact, to me, is her deceased adoptive father, Fernando Poe, Jr., was a well-known actor who had amassed millions of pesos and millions of fans in the process but really, when people think about it, had not done a thing in terms of “holding a position of responsibility in the government.”

    Rev. Isagani Lazaro
    Retired Clergy
    The United Church of Canada
    Vancouver, BC

  34. I fully agree with this Columnist on Mrs. Llamanzares’ qualifications or disqualifications. To me, it’s even a wonder why she was able to run for senator, considering all the circumstances surrounding her birth, personal qualifications and track record of employment or work.

    Ii’s too much for her to be taking advantage of her “derivative” popularity from her adoptive father she claims to have started ‘something’ and for her to continue with what he started and dreamt. Of course, her father was a hero and savior of the world in many instances but, in the fantasy or make-believe world. What has she to offer in the real world extreme poverty, international politics and diplomacy, economy, etc., etrc? It would be too presumptuous to categorically say that had he lived and won, he would have been a great leader.

    Ms. Llamanzares’ candidacy for the highest position of the land is the biggest joke, I agree. The Philippines has a lot to be proud about but, if ever she wins because of whatever reason, the country will the laughingstock of the world. By then, the Philippines has a president who has questionable and untested loyalty to the republic because its head will be subservient to another country, emotionally and mentally and, therefore, has no international political will. By then, I can conclude that the so called leaders-that-be have failed the citizenry. Pardon the language, but the “bobotantes” have spoken again.

    Finally, I’d say, probably because of extreme poverty of the big majority, Filipinos live in fantasy. believing that the daughter of their hero and savior, can bring them.to the ‘promise land’.

    Fellow Filipinos get real!