• A challenge to Manny Pacquiao (Part 2)



    Because of the many emails and text messages I received coupled by comments of readers at The Manila Times website and Facebook page, I decided to come up with Part 2 of my piece titled A challenge to Manny Pacquiao.

    Let it be known that this writer follows the path of righteousness and that I am trying very hard to make Christian practices a part of my life.

    The challenge to Pacquiao is in no way against Pacquiao but just a call to heed what is written in the Bible.

    Be it known that I attend the same Christian church as Pacquiao’s.

    I am also familiar with the “gurus” of Pacquiao whom I admired and looked up to when it comes to Christian practices.

    The counselors of Pacquaio I adore, and they have made me determined to apply the Scriptures, the Word of God to my daily life.

    As I have said, it took me many days to finally write this article, but I have to say what I believe regarding Pacquaio as a Christian.

    I have to listen to Pacquaio’s interviews, after the LGBT community got offended by his remarks on same-sex marriage. Pacquiao later on apologized and repeatedly said that he did not intend to discriminate against the LGBT community but rather he is just saying what was written in the Word of God.

    I have high regards to many people in the LGBT community but it is my opinion that what they do in their personal lives, only God can judge.

    I also believe that when God judge, it is perfect and just. It is significant to remember that God is the perfect and righteous Judge. God is described as a righteous judge in Psalm 7:11, Jeremiah 11:20, and 2 Timothy 4:8. God is the perfect and eternal judge. There is no one higher and no authority greater than God.

    The interview of Karen Davila with Pacquiao is what inspired me to challenge Pacquiao.

    I heard him say that he wants to be elected as senator to fight corruption in our government and encourage other public officials to become God-fearing people.

    Considering that Pacquaio is a sportsman, I believe he can step up to my challenge.

    Who can be against him if God is with him? The Scripture is clear that God chooses whom He chooses. God knew before the beginning of creation that would choose to love Him.

    These are the people that He has called to do His will. God is always with people that truly love Him and expressed remorse for their sins.

    Since Pacquaio insisted to follow what is only written in the Scriptures, then it is easy for Pacquaio to acknowledge that God owns everything; it is our understanding that it is God who owns “our possessions.”

    I, myself, have experienced to totally put my faith and trust to our Creator. I depend on Him completely. Human help comes sent by our Provider.

    It does not mean I am against Pacquaio’s belief in following the Scriptures but rather just saying to apply completely what is in the Bible.

    In Romans 8:28 it is written, “For those who love God all things work together for good. If you choose to follow and love God, all things will work together for good, even when things seem hopeless.”


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    1. Proper ethics cannot be bought no matter how wealthy you are Manny. Common sense lang din yan gaya ng sabi ni Boy Abunda.

    2. Just like the last article,i admire the courage of this writer. I look up to all those who were offended and the way they fight for their rights.

    3. Let it be known as the writer said that all she wanted is for righteousness to be known. Pacquiao has offended indeed a lot of people and a simple apology is not enough to take back everything.

    4. It’s quite obvious it’s a battle of hypocrisy when it comes to religion. If Pacquiao truly desires to be in the path of righteousness then it’s time to disvow his profession as boxer for it represent evil when you obtain financial gain over hurting another fellow man. Pacquiao should give away all his wealth for the benefit of christianity. For when you give all you got until it hearts then you are trully devoted because Abraham was willing to give his son’s life for his belief.