A Check for me? My treat!!!


When the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee started investigating the P10 billion priority development assistance fund (PDAF) scam last year, little did I know that my name will appear as one of those beneficiaries of the now controversial National Agri Business Corp. (Nabcor).

Nabcor is a government owned and controlled corporation under the Department of Agriculture (DA) which lends capital for small businesses in the rural areas and the livelihood of the farmers.

The said company is under scrutiny by the Senate these days after being implicated by whistleblowers of releasing hundreds of million of “pork barrel” to fictitious or bogus non-government organizations (NGOs) and foundations.

An informant told me that a check was made out to my name by Nabcor sometime in November 2009 as payment for an advertisement worth P250,000 for a radio station. I used to work in a radio before joining TV5 network in 2010.

The said amount seems to be a premium for a commercial placement back then. A premium is the commission of the broadcasteror an ad agent who found the said ad and placed it on air. Unfortunately, I never had an ad about Nabcor or DA back then, thus, I’m not aware that a check is due me.

Thanks Nabcor. But no thanks :)

Another substandard road
The government has spent more than P2 billion for the concreting of highways in Palawan, from its northernmost tip to the southern part of the said province.

The said road project supposedly to entice more tourists, both local and foreign, for easy access on its tourists spots such as the eight wonder of the world , the underground river, and the internationally acclaimed El Nido beach, did not serve its purpose.

The said project was left unfinished and the concrete pavement now reduced into rubbles as the contractor, the Cavite Ideal Construction and Development Corp., the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) are pointing fingers as who is to blame for the non-completion of this billions and billions of road project.

But both the residents and local government officials claim aside from being incomplete, the quality of work on some finished portions of the highway are substandard.

Experts say that concrete pavements should have a life span of 20 to 25 years. Surprisingly the said roadwork of CAVDEAL is now destroyed as potholes fill some of the concrete highway four years after it was completed.

Video footages taken by TV5 clearly show that the said highway did not conform to the standards of the DPWH, which Undersecretary Romeo Momo agreed and wanted the matter investigated immediately. As of press time, CAVDEAL refused to give any statement regarding the questionable project claiming there was nothing wrong with it.

Are you guys blind??? Or, perhaps CAVDEAL Chairman Lambert Lee has not been to Palawan yet to see for himself the sorry state of the highway?

‘Jueteng’ in Nueva Vizcaya
Civic and religious groups in Nueva Vizcaya are up in arms over the proliferation of the illegal numbers game, or “jueteng” in local language, in their province.

Even Cong. Carlos Padilla is surprised that this illegal form of gambling has mushroomed in his district and the local police has not done anything to curb the problem.

Padilla suspects that this illegal numbers game are hiding behind the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) “Bingo Milyonaryo” lottery drawn everyday in the province.

Outlets of bingo cards reportedly also serve as the collectors of bets for “jueteng,” a source in Nueva Vizcaya told this columnist. Sources within the local police say that a certain Boy Camacho is the financier of this illegal numbers game while one “Edward Aguilar” stands as Camacho’s dummy.

Sources also said that a certain “Divina” and “Abelion” manage the operation of this illegal form of gambling in the province. Both men reportedly used to be members of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Paging PNP Chief Gen. Allan Purisima.



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  1. gilmore chan on

    Mr. Tulfo. You did not categorically deny receiving that check. So you received it. Tsk tsk. Coming from the horses mouth.

  2. The govt should ban all govt officials from betting in these gambling legal or otherwise.Most govt officials and policemen/military heads have permanent numbers in the draws and gets paid if their “numbers” comes out.This replaced the payola system as the officials can claim that they are legitimate winnings.