A Christian who treats the media like dirt



Who does Ronaldo think he is?

Well, international football’s poster boy who can do no wrong on and off the pitch, for one.

A handsome, rich, famous son of Portugal who can dazzle every fan of the beautiful game, for another, who does not even have to remind or tell people that his first name is Cristiano, or Christian in English.

Correction, because off the pitch, the Real Madrid star is a spoiled brat who thinks that he is above the rules of decency as a person and, more especially, as an athlete to whom wide-eyed, young football wannabes around the world look up to for, well, inspiration and as a model of good behavior.

On the pitch in Euro16 ongoing in France, Ronaldo was a disaster who cannot even make the Portuguese eleven top its group in the qualifying stage of the continent’s premier football tournament.

Portugal, bracketed with Austria, Hungary and Iceland, drew all its matches with the three countries, ending up No. 3 in its group behind Hungary and Iceland, of all countries.

Before its game with Iceland (population: a little more than 300,000), Ronaldo had disparaged the Nordic nation and its people, saying, “That’s why they are not going to be anything in the competition.”

Well, the Icelandic eleven only nearly sent Ronaldo packing, Portugal making it to the Round of 16 only because it was lucky enough to be one of the “best” third-placed teams in group play.

In its clash with Austria, the great Cristiano Ronaldo missed (!) a penalty, which he can convert easily even if he is in a foul mood and with eyes closed at that.

Also before its make-or-break tie with Hungary, he did what seemed to be unthinkable when he threw into the lake the microphone of a television reporter who had approached him to ask what his expectations were in the match against the Hungarians.

His entourage (they must be fast learners, having Ronaldo for a “teacher”) just shooed away the poor, miserable reporter, who probably had been reprimanded by his editor for having unhinged the Portuguese.

The incident reminds this corner of the Miss Jamie Lee Curtis (True Lies, A Fish Called Wanda, etc.), who once said that she has no heroes.

She explained that it would be a big let-down for her if she found out that those “heroes” have feet of clay just like everybody else.

We are demanding that FIFA reprimand the Portuguese diva, that Real Madrid tell Ronaldo off that all antics off the pitch by a player of his stature do not give a good account of anyone and that Ronaldo himself apologize to the reporter who was just doing his job and give back the guy’s microphone.

How? Push Ronaldo into the lake and make him get the microphone himself.

If he does not know how to swim, that’s his problem.

There should be a red card for boorish behavior.


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