• A citizen’s SONA


    First of two parts

    “The only reason for the triumph of the forces of evil is that good men do nothing.”- Edmund Burke

    THE country is shaken with paroxysms of anticipation and delight on the unfolding of two expected events – the last State of the Nation (SONA) message of sitting “President” Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III (BSA) and the presidential election of May 2016.

    It is not surprising because this country is wallowing in a lot of garbage and mounting stupidities unknown in its history. National stupidities are not exactly unknown in the lives of Filipinos. But the stupidities of the BSA administration top them all.

    Since citizens are agog over the state of the nation. Allow me, as a citizen, to state the true state of nation because, normally, no President tells the country the true state of the nation.

    It is headed by BSA whose legitimacy as President is contested in the Supreme Court up to this day. The case is pending before the Supreme Court for the past five years. If one reads the records of the case, it is obvious that the knowledgeable conclusion would be that BSA III and the other officials proclaimed as elected in the May 2010 elections were not duly elected. Not being duly elected, therefore, they are not de jure officials, they are facto officials.

    With that as a jumping point, BSA, beginning with his inaugural speech as President, showed his lack of civility by addressing important officials and personalities on stage, members of the diplomatic corps present except CHIEF JUSTICE RENATO CORONA of the Philippine Supreme Court. The public humiliation of Corona, coming as it does from the “President,” was devastating.

    The showing of lack of civility and failure to observe protocol was not only an indication that the Filipino people “elected” an ignorant and vulgar “President”, it showed BSA’s character as a man – both public and private. He did not only unmask himself, he also insulted the Filipinos because he demonstrated that the Filipinos are equally incompetent and ignorant in the choice of their “President”.

    Cabinet choices
    A President’s competence and character is also demonstrated in his choice of his Cabinet. Looking at the Cabinet of BSA III, one is tempted to conclude that there must be something wrong with his head. Appointing the dregs of the Gloria Macapagal Arroyo administration shows how incompetent and ignorant is BSA III of his duties. Why dregs?

    Because these were the officials who jumped ship when the GMA administration was sinking – just like rats deserting sinking ships. They were dubbed by a partisan and manipulative mainstream media as the Hyatt Ten. The more intelligent and perceptive called them the Hayop Ten – compared to the denizens of the Manila Zoo.

    Even a cursory examination of some strategic members of the Cabinet shows that BSA does not know how to choose the right members of the Cabinet. He should have remembered by even a shallow comparative study of administrations here and abroad that a Cabinet can unmake a President.

    Look at Paquito Ochoa, Jr., Executive Secretary and “Little President” – he is perceived by many knowledgeable residents of Quezon City as the notorious city administrator of Quezon City when the mayor was the equally perceived as the mayor of the most notorious administration plagued with graft and corruption; Dinky Soliman, according to some persons who knew her, has a highly questionable record when she was still with an NGO and now presiding over the distribution of billions to the so-called poor which is attended with graft and corruption; Butch Abad, the inventor of the DAP which the Supreme Court declared unconstitutional with the DAP beneficiaries subjected to investigation except Abad; Secretaries of the Departments of Health, Department of Agriculture. Finance and Environment and National Resources, and Public Works and Highways – all charged with being involved in graft and corruption by themselves and allowing their subordinates to do the same; the Secretary of National Defense whose only visible experience was as security guard of BSA’S mother, Cory Aquino, unable to prevent the raid of billions of pesos designed to strengthen our armed forces and insure national security.

    Autism – Asperger Syndome
    Something is wrong somewhere. The uncle of BSA, JOSE “PEPING” COJUANGCO, JR. provided the answer to the question about why BSA was making wrong decisions and appointing persons with lack of qualifications and questionable pasts in reference to graft and corruption. PEPING with full tri-media coverage said that BSA is sick in the head.
    Those who think they know the ailment attributes it to autism, specifically Asperger Syndrome.

    Fortifying the charge of PEPING, ADO PAGLINAWAN, an embassy official of the Philippine Embassy during the presidency of Cory Aquino, the mother of BSA, goes around radio stations and the forum circuit claiming that he has seen a copy of a letter of NINOY AQUINO, the father of BSA, complaining to a friend, AYN RAND, the famous author of the novel, FOUNTAINHEAD, stating that BSA was eating the dirt from his nose. Many explain that to be due to autism – Asperger Syndrome.

    Asperger Syndrome was beginning to be an issue in the presidential campaign of 2010 but thanks to some of the Jesuits of the Ateneo de Manila University, in conspiracy with some leading personalities in mainstream media, the issue had been suppressed. Until this day, BSA, the Liberal Party and the spinners of Malacañang who have developed a genius for ignoring and, sometimes, coming out with cursory and lame denials unfit even for idiots.

    If this is true, then the Philippines has the distinction as the only country in the world that has been having an autistic President for the past five years. What an insult to the Filipino intelligence.

    Hostage-taking – A simple problem, stupid solution
    One of the earlier tests of the incompetence, ignorance and stupidity of the BSA administration was demonstrated in the hostage taking of Hongkong tourists. BSA and his underlings waited for eleven hours to find a solution to the problem by tiring out a be-medaled officer of the PNP – Captain Mendoza. Any intelligent person would know that tiring out a decorated officer like Mendoza to find a solution to the problem is clearly irrational and stupid. Instead of Mendoza getting tired, BSA and his underlings got tired midway to finding a solution that they had to take food at Emerald Restaurant. It was BSA and his running dogs who got tired, not Mendoza.

    If only BSA and his underlings read books, they would have found a simple solution similar to two previous incidents where a solution was evolved in less than one hour in both incidents.

    During the time of Khomeini as head of government of Iran, the Iranian embassy in London was taken over by anti-Khomeini hostage takers numbering four. When the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher learned of the incident, she immediately mobilized the necessary troops to finish the hostage-taking in thirty minutes. They finished it in about ten minutes with three hostage takers dead, one arrested and no hostage harmed. And to think that the Prime Minister was a woman!

    In the case of Indonesia, four hostage takers took over a Garuda plane and parked it in the tarmac. When President Suharto learned about the incident, he ordered his security forces to liquidate the problem in one hour. In less than an hour, the problem was solved with four hostage takers dead and no hostage harmed.

    In the Luneta hostage incident, eleven hours passed with Mendoza dead and several hostages dead as well, creating an international incident. Again, Asperger Syndrome!

    Yolanda and Sendong – Calamity of calamities, everything a calamity
    The Yolanda and Sendong storms produced calamities. The effect of the super calamities also produced calamities in calamity management. Until this day, rehabilitation of the stricken communities remains unfinished. Tons of material aid reported rotting in warehouses, lost, exchanged or sold in markets for private gain. Millions of dollars and Euros for the storm victims were reported found their way to Australian banks loaded on a private plane in the company of one or two members of the BSA cabinet.

    The greatest calamities of them all were BSA who was nowhere in sight in the first few days of the devastation and his man Friday, DILG Mar Roxas, playing politics while inspecting the devastated areas crossing swords with the mayor of Tacloban by reminding the mayor, a Romualdez, that he should be careful because the President of the Philippines is an Aquino.

    BSA while visiting Cagayan de Oro blamed the mayor for lack of preparedness and absence of immediate action to the victims in the devastated areas. He was right because the mayor was a calamity but so was BSA – a simple case of the pot calling the kettle black.
    Again, Asperger syndrome!

    ‘Matuwid na Daan’ – Straight Road; Bad Beginning
    Before BSA was inaugurated as “President,” it was bruited about in knowledgeable circles that the Liberal Party received P5.2 BILLION PESOS from drug lords for the election of BSA as President. Following the whispered information was the crash of a new Bell Helicopter carrying the late Governor Raffy Nantes of Quezon Province, on the way to Manila, supposedly to unveil the information about the P5.2 BILLION drug money – to whom it was given among the leaders of the Liberal Party. Governor Nantes is dead but the whispered information has not died down.

    The whispered information about the P5.2. BILLION drug money has not been explained or denied by the Liberal Party or by BSA who is the titular head of the LP, until this day. Neither has the Liberal Party, the investigators or BSA explained the suspicious death of Governor Nantes. Coincidence – denies the rules of probability.

    With this for a background, BSA comes out with a slogan that his government would tread the matuwid na daan, meaning a straight road freed from graft and corruption, from criminality, from administrative delays, with cheaper commodities including water and electricity.

    There is no straight road to the Promised Land; it is tortuous and not easy to travel. The only straight road is the road to Hell – the road to perdition. In the past five years of the BSA administration, this country traveled the road to perdition as shown in the following:

    • Graft and corruption in all levels of government –from the Cabinet to Congress, from the courts to the prosecution arm, from the LRA to the Register of Deeds, from the Bureau of Customs to the Bureau of Immigration, from the NBI to CIDG, from various levels in the military to multifarious levels of the police, from Energy to BIR, from Malacanang to local government units, in epidemic proportions. Name the kind and form of graft and corruption and the BSA administration has got it.

    • Stratospheric rise of prices of commodities and basic services– from rice to the Cory fish (galunggong), from water to electricity, from SLEX to NLEX, from bus to jeepneys to tricycles, from from LRT to MRT, from LTO to LRA to RD, from boats to airplanes.

    Among many who speak Cebuano, they call the matuwid na daan ni BSA as the natuwad na daan, meaning the upended road. And they also add that PNoy is translated to Cebuano as Pangoy, meaning out of his mind. These are people who probably agree with BSA’s uncle, PEPING COJUANGCO, in his publicly revealed diagnosis why PNoy has made horrendous decisions at the expense of the Filipino people these past five years. Again, Asperger syndrome.

    ‘Kayo ang boss ko’ in reference to the Filipino people
    Struggling to deliver a message which is far from the truth, he told the Filipino people that collectively they are his boss. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many claim that’s because of Asperger Syndrome.

    Even before he was elected “President,” he was riding in the bus of the people. He rode in the bus of the people when his mother died before the 2010 election. He was elected by riding in the bus of the people who got carried away by their emotion and maudlin preoccupation over the death of Cory, thanks to the manipulation of the privileged elites together with their running dogs in mainstream media who are not concerned with the welfare of the people but only for themselves.

    The majority of our people have become prisoners on the level of the mind and heart, conditioned by the manipulative behavior of the oligarchy, to accept anything dished out by these forces, thus their willingness to accept that the most stupid and evil are part of the course of things. Well, it is about time for the people not to be poisoned or cowed by the power elites to accept things that are not natural and revolting to the human conscience.

    The people have been used and it’s about time they wake up to the reality of injustice and oppression which characterize their daily lives. People – you are the bus of Pnoy not his boss. He is only listening to himself. As the knowledgeable says – Asperger syndrome!

    Bangsa Moro ‘Law’ and the charge of TREASON again BSA
    This proposed PNoy and Malaysia generated bill which the BSA crowd characterizes as a law, long before its passage by Congress, is one of the most insane proposed “law” ever evolved by any national administration in this country.

    Even before the approval of the BBL, BSA has assigned territories to the MORO ISLAMIC LIBERATION FRONT (MILF) under the Comprehensive Agreement, beyond the reached of Philippine authorities without the permission of the MILF. He has no right to do that since that would require an amendment of the Constitution on our national territory and the power of sovereignty. BSA by doing that has violated our Constitution.

    Other than that, his agreement with the MILF binds him and, in effect, Congress to the passage of the BBL as proposed by BSA and his confederate, Malaysia. The BBL violates these provisions of the Constitution, among them, section 1, Article I on Territory and sovereignty; section 1, Article II on the definition of democratic and republican state; section 1, Article III on the equal protection clause; section 10, Article II on social justice; section 20, Article II on creating a self-reliant economy; section 8, Article III on the prohibition of the establishment of religion; section 5, Article VII which requires the President to preserve and defend the Constitution and execute its laws; section 1, Article 10 of the Constitution which enumerates political subdivision of the Republic and a sub-state is not contemplated; putting a parliamentary system in the region under the BBL while the Republic is a presidential and unitary system.

    What is more treasonous behavior than this? But more than this is BSA giving 5 MILLION PESOS to the MILF just so it can acquire more weapons to kill Filipinos including the 44 Special Action Forces (SAF) members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in the MAMASAPANO MASSACRE; BSA giving the stand down order not to re-enforce the beleaguered SAF units just so the MILF would not be enraged so they would not withdraw from their agreement with BSA and resume hostilities; by refusing to admit that American military forces were involved in the MAMASAPANO MASSACRE.

    The concept of BBL solving the Mindanao insurgency problem is not only ignorant, incompetent and stupid but visibly insane. How can you solve the Mindanao insurgency problem through the BBL when other insurgent groups in Mindanao, at least some of them are, perceivably, much stronger than the MILF. Take a look at the other insurgent groups in Mindanao, many of them growing in number like the CPP-NPA, BIFF, ABU SAYAFF, MNLF, armed LUMAD GROUPS, armed CHRISTIAN GROUPS – all of whom are against the BBL. Is not the BBL concept visibly insane?

    Real stakeholders were not consulted on the Framework Agreement and the Comprehensive Agreement which resulted in the birth of the BBL. The stakeholders said so in the hearings of the Bongbong Marcos committee in the Senate. And BSA has the gall and effrontery to say otherwise. Of course, BSA consulted Deles and Ferrer –the Marx comedians in the BSA administrations, both non-Mindanaoans, who obviously do not know what they have been doing.

    Until now, BSA has no answer to the questions in social media, in radio stations, in the forum circuit that a personality in Malacañang has received 750 MILLION US DOLLARS from Malaysia to insure the passage of the BBL

    Now, the ad hoc committee in the lower House, unfortunately headed by a Congressman from Cagayan de Oro City, Rufus Rodriguez, who publicly proclaimed that he was against the BBL is now endorsing the BBL together with his conspirators in his committee and the House, after the published trip to Switzerland and a cruise on a luxury liner. They were not talking about the weather but about oodles of millions, according to some birds who claim that they are reliable.

    The straight road? The corrupted and graft-ridden path?

    Again, the answer to the question of the invention of the concept and the manipulation of the endorsement of Congress is still Asperger Syndrome.

    Selective justice
    The company union which is the political opposition in this country claims that there is selective justice in the prosecution of supposed grafters and the corrupt. There is some element of truth to this claim. Why only Senators JUAN PONCE ENRILE, BONG REVILLA and JINGGOY ESTRADA are prosecuted and jailed? Why only VP JOJO BINAY and members of his family are investigated, hounded and threatened in BSA-inspired mainstream media?

    Why not Senate President Drilon and Speaker Belmonte including a litany of senators, congressmen, mayors, governors, members of the BSA Cabinet and sub-cabinet level officials who are publicly pointed out as indefensible grafters involved in the DAP and PDAP scandals not to speak of many projects shrouded with graft and corruption throughout the country.

    Why selective justice? The answer goes back to Asperger syndrome.

    Ka-familia and KKK
    If BSA is traveling the straight path, why are the names of members of his personal family mentioned in many projects in government and largesse in questionable government and private institutions? Why oh why, Cristina? To borrow and edit the lines of a popular song in the past: Why Oh Why, Delilah. Cristina or Delilah makes no difference, they are interchangeable, in many levels.

    Many critics, including objective ones, decry the recruitment by BSA of people into government and government related activity who belong to the KKK category – KAFAMILIA, KAKLASE, KAESCUELA, KABARILAN, KAIBIGAN and even KABAKLAAN. (Belonging to family, classmate, school mate, gun shooting companion, friend and even the gay crowd.)

    Some people explain it as a result of Asperger Syndrome. This type of affliction, they say, makes the afflicted controlled by a drive that takes 99 reasons to disbelieve a friend, a family or a companion and 99 reasons to believe that an enemy is not one.

    K-to-12 and the educational system
    The “educators’, meaning the owners of educational institutions in this country, are dancing with joy that children have to stay in school for longer years. This means a lot of profit to them. Education is not a profit function, it is a service function.

    There is no rational basis for children to stay in school for a longer period. This is dictated by foreign institutions so we would conform to their standards. Well, this is a damn lie that our standards are lesser than theirs. For the dense foreigners, they need to stay in school longer because they are not as good as Filipinos in the learning process. In international conferences and in foreign schools in their own countries, Filipinos beat the daylights out of them not only for speaking The King’s English but in many fields that require expertise in both academic and technical skills.

    What we need in this country is to reduce the number of years of students to stay in school – maybe 5 years in elementary school, 3 years in high school and 2 years of preparatory education before going to graduate studies.

    The key to making a value oriented and educated human being is not a longer period to stay in schools. It is compressing and organizing an intelligent curriculum based on a proposition oriented approach to education not the banking method of depositing useless and antediluvian facts.

    We are a developing country. We should build an educational system for Filipinos, not for foreigners.

    MRT, LRT AND transportation system
    BSA has not done anything to improve the LRT, MRT and the public transportation system. It has grown from bad to worse. The lines have grown longer just like the ration lines in the Japanese occupation time. The break down of MRT and LRT are due to KKK managers who BSA has appointed. They have been unmasked as active practitioners of graft and corruption, including a family member. The deterioration could only be attributed to KKK conditioned by Asperger syndrome.

    Mainstream media – radio, newspapers and television
    They suffer from the same diseases – envelopmental journalism and AC-DC, attack and collect. Has BSA done anything about this? Well, his running dogs in media continue to cultivate the practices.

    Discipline in the country
    One does not have to go back. There is lack of discipline in the streets of the country. In Metro Manila, there is chaos in the streets. Nobody seems to care about laws, rules and regulations. Everyman for himself!

    There is absolute lack of discipline in government. LTO takes ages to deliver car registrations, receipts of payment and, more so, car plates and the attendant requirements. LRA and the Registry of Deeds suffer from the same affliction. Postal service runs at snail pace.

    Nothing has been done in the past five years to impose discipline in the country and improve administrative services.
    So what is new?

    Atty. Homobono A. Adaza was elected in 1980 as Opposition Provincial Governor of Misamis Oriental, one of two opposition governors elected throughout the country out of 73 governors under martial law; elected Opposition Member of Parliament representing Misamis Oriental under martial rule; and Commissioner of Immigration for about 3 months under President Fidel V. Ramos

    To be concluded tomorrow.


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    1. Three points 1)Millions of dollars and Euros for the storm victims were reported found their way to Australian banks loaded on a private plane in the company of one or two members of the BSA cabinet. 2)P5.2 BILLION PESOS from drug lords for the election of BSA 3)personality in Malacañang has received 750 MILLION US DOLLARS from Malaysia to insure the passage of the BBL…Attention AMLC hello, hello.

      People will tend to believe the above allegations are true if BSA remains mum. Let us hear from the other side….

    2. The country posted 39 quarters of uninterrupted growth under the previous administration (while under countries experienced recession). This is a hard fact the no Aquino apologist can ever belie.

      On the other hand, under Noynoy Aquino’s administration, the country has posted one of the lowest FDI in the region. Lowest compared to the previous presidents we had (reason why people seek better job opportunities abroad):

      Annual Average $ M

      1998-2000 (Estrada) 1,746
      2005- 1H 2010 (Arroyo) 2,171
      2H 2010 – 1H 2012 (Aquino) 1,367

      Source: Unctad, World Bank

    3. Justaskingseriously on

      There is still time to revise your concluding column tomorrow. Revise today’s column with some statement to the effect that you are not intending to provide BS with a defense/excuse based on a medical condition. Asperger Syndrome appears to be a blanket explanation to everything you have written so far. I cannot say whether you intended it or not, but your published opinion here may provide BS lawyers with ammunition when lawsuits mushroom after BS loses his immunity from prosecution.

      Oh, I almost forgot. You are not just a simple citizen. You are a lawyer. Forget about what I have just written. Just do your thing. Let the citizen avail of the freedom of expression.

    4. P.Akialamiro on

      Right on the money, Mr. Adaza!

      One of the main factors why the Philippine Government or the Philippines has degenerated politically and otherwise, is because of the election of many ‘unqualified’ members of Congress, particularly in the senate. The executive and the legislative branches of the government have become ‘one’ because of the DAP/PDAF money which was taken advantage of by the corrupt members of congress and made congress an “inutile” congress..Now we have more of the same mediocre caliber of political candidates lining up to run for these positions in Congress.

      There should be a better way of screening candidates for President, VP, Congress by the didfferent political parties. Furthermore, the media, the churches, and other civic groups should be more pro-active in informing the electorate about the pros and cons of particular candidates, expecially the major positions.

      Sans the needed reforms in our political systems, etc., the consolation we have is that we will all go down together……in history!

    5. Marlou Castillo on

      Bravo, Atty Adaza. You explained succintly in your article the true State of the Nation. I look forward to the conclusion of your peace tomorrow.