• A crisis of competence: Lead, follow, or get out of the way


    (By Yen Makabenta, Column, December 12, 2013)
    This administration is so politicized. Pictures do not and can not lie. Look at the pictures of the President, Secretary Roxas, Mayor Romualdez, etc. The President wears a yellow T-shirt. Secretary Roxas also wears a yellow T-shirt. Mayor Romuldez wears red T-shirt, not blue T-shirt (blue ladies color of First lady Imelda Marcos). Yellow is the color of the of President Cory Aquino and President BS Aquino. Is this not politics on the part of President BS Aquino and Secretary Roxas?

    Looks like the President can not even comprehend.

    Is something wrong with the President mentality? Imagine, World Leaders are attending the funeral of Nelson Mandela (human rights icon) and the President is not attending and instead send the Vice President. Why? Afraid of Journalist who will interview him regarding typhoon Yolanda and his competency as a Leader?

    Mukhang macho naman ang Presidente natin. Bakit naduduwagan siya sa katotohanan?

    Alejo Rosete, econg_cados@cox.net


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