A day in a life of . . . Buhay Punlaan’s native tree grower and nursery administrator

The author sieving the soil to remove weeds and leaves

The author sieving the soil to remove weeds and leaves

5 a.m.—Woke up, turned-on TV, and watched Unang Balita while prepping my breakfast. Took a bath, and now, all set!

7:30 a.m.—Walked on highway along Caliraya Lake and waited for a jeepney to arrive, I regularly do this to reach my destination, Buhay Punlaan. While waiting, I kept staring at the beauty of Mt. Banahaw where there are abundant large trees.

8 a.m.—Arrived at the Buhay Punlaan nursery, checked the area and equipments. Started to perform the nursery activity depending on the set schedule for the week.

My schedule every first week of the month is preparation of production materials.

Garden soils from damaged polybags are collected, placed in a tray and brought to the activity area. The activity is performed repeatedly: “collect soils, put in a tray and bring to activity area.”

12 noon—Lunch break with Kiko, the nursery assistant. It has been a habit of sharing food when we eat our lunch. I usually bring canned foods like sardines and tuna because it’s easy to prepare, no cook needed! It’s like having picnic in a park as I listen to my favorite music.

The filtered soil, ready for native seedlings to be planted at

The filtered soil, ready for native seedlings to be planted at

1 p.m.—Went back to the activity area. The collected garden soil in the activity area was sieved in a 5mm mesh screen. Large particles and unnecessary components like stones, wood debris, roots and leaf litters were removed. This activity is performed repeatedly until the stocks of garden recycled garden soils were all sieved.

4:45 p.m.—It’s almost 5 p.m.! Time to clean the activity area! Secured the nursery materials, washed hands and changed clothes. Filled out the nursery daily activity logbook and the accomplishment for the day recorded and noted. Made sure the entrance gate of the nursery was locked to prevent the entry of unattended cows.

5 p.m.—Started walking to staff house in Barangay Caliraya about 1-km away from the nursery.

5:50 p.m.—Finally, I’m here at the staff house. Rested for a bit, finished by milk, and started to prepare food for dinner. Watched news, and did some paper works.

This is how often my life is rolling. Most of the days I’m on field, but I do not worry or complain. This is the career I’ve chosen, a path where not only a single entity or individual could benefit, but the entire world, for what I am doing contribute to environment conservation, protection and restoration.


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