• A definition of happiness

    Thelma Dumpit-Murillo

    Thelma Dumpit-Murillo

    At the recent Asian Women CEO Summit, I sat through two hours listening to different successful women talk about happiness and success.

    Many equate failure to not having a job or steady work but others gauge their success when you are able to change the life of another for the better. This is the gist of the talk by Beth Lee, CEO of Emotors, Inc. It took a paradigm shift from one that is based on competition to one that drives others to completion of oneself to produce the feeling of genuine happiness. Yes, you are the architect of your life so design it to the way you want to live it. You can change the rules of the game. No one can stop you from being exceptional if that is how you please. Then you will be happy.

    Rosario Bradbury, CEO of SGS has a different take on it. She says when you die, you die empty-handed. You cannot bring anything with you but the question is what did you leave behind? Unless you have a purpose – driven life, then life simply has no meaning. So where are you headed at this point in your life? Are you with a company that matches your core values? Evaluate. Are you able to balance work and family life?

    The only way you can go up the ladder is if you’re single or separated. This was what Gina Lorenzana, VP of Marketing for Personal Care of Unilever was told when she first entered the company. But she realized that one must live by your values and be clear as to what drives you: Money? Time? Recognition? Intellectual stimulation? Work environment?

    When you are doing what you want, you are happier. Men talk about what they want and ask for their promotion. Women work really hard but they hope they would be recognized for it. They don’t ask. BE CLEAR WITH WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. And again, work with a company that has the same core values as you are. Otherwise, there will always be an internal conflict or angst within you. Indeed, life is what you make it.

    What is your definition of happiness?

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