A device that makes call center work even easier

Jabra Biz 2300 USB UC Duo

Jabra Biz 2300 USB UC Duo

This product is made for call center workers, whether incoming, outgoing or transcribing.

Unfortunately, I’ve never worked in the call center industry so the best that I could do was to plug in my Magic Jack and off I went. I used this headset as my speaker and called a friend in the United States and asked her for a favor to please give me a landline number of one of her non- fluent in English speaking friends whom I would call.

I will not disclose the nationality of the person i talked to.

So I called and the friend’s friend picked up. I explained that my friend gave me her number and I was calling to observe her English speaking skills. We could throw questions at each other. She said, “Olayt, that will be vely nice of you” in a shrilly, smallish voice which I believed I wouldn’t be able to tolerate as the conversation went on.

The headset is hi-fi, I could hear her background of dogs barking and a cat running around the house. Then she screamed in a high tone which I think was “stop”. The canines stopped but I could hear the petrified feline hissing. As the conversation continued, she asked me why her immigration status was taking too long. “I half paid what they told pay. Sons gleen cald okay. Mine, I live here for fol yeals now and no gleen cald. Visa hele is immiglant. Husband job is in cell sites. You know, the cellulal phones towel? He set that up. Vely good engineel husband is. He was blought here flom (home country) and told to head office here.”

The conversation went on for an hour and all I could hear was her ranting about American kids, Asian kids trying to be Americanized, the market having no fresh fish and so on.

I listened with all the background, her voice and it was like listening to a home theater system; it was just my mind imagining what was happening on her end.

Moving on, I decided to connect my laptop via Bluetooth and listened to the music in my mobile phone. It was just smooth fluid sound. What I love about it is the comfort of wearing and the ear piece moves with my head when I go on a small sideward rotation. Taking and cancelling calls as well as volume control and mute is built in on the Kevlar reinforced cord. Other pluses include picking up a handset or mouse clicking is an option.

The price? It runs to around $150 to $160 and in case BPOs would like to invest in the latest headsets, this is a must (it fell several times too while I was using it, nothing changed). The thing is, is there a foamie of this size available in mass numbers since traditionally, call center agents leave the headsets in their stations and are given speaker foams instead?

If I were to work in a call center, the Jabra Biz 2300 would definitely make my work a breeze. I give it a score of four and a half stars out of five.


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