• A discount code giant to introduce new tools for its users


    Discount codes have become extremely popular with consumers across the globe. The convenience of use and the innovation that comes with it are now finding its way into the homes of many people and even into the business world. On average, 20% of online shoppers abandon their cart just because there is no promotion or a code to use, so it’s no surprise that brands are looking for ways to draw customers closer. At the same time, consumers seek every opportunity to save money. Is meeting half-way possible at all?


    Picodi is not just a website available for both desktop and mobile devices, but also a number of practical solutions, which help its users gain access to codes. They all serve as effective marketing tools with their advertising opportunities and world-wide range. An add-on available for Mozilla and Chrome has recently been introduced into the market. It allows its users to see coupon codes while they’re on the store’s or brand’s website, so the shopper is no longer required to go to the web to search for them. The add-on is completely unobtrusive and only shows valid coupons for all local and international brands, such as Zalora and Althea and many more.

    As the company grows, it has introduced another feature – Picodi app, is now available in several countries, so people can find promotions and offers wherever they are. They don’t need to open their browsers to shop cheaper and the app installation is completely free of charge. An inexpensive and convenient mean of shopping, right in your pocket.

    Validity is another characteristic of the largest discount platform in the world. Past promotions are automatically archived, so the users will not find themselves at the virtual checkout with a code that doesn’t work. Picodi wants them to enjoy their shopping experience and to see that saving more is possible when they spend more. Price reductions, free shipping, gifts and sales are just a few examples of what a customer can receive when using this particular product.

    The company has big plans for the future. At the beginning of next year, the mobile app is scheduled to be available in all countries where Picodi operates. Current trends in online shopping such as using mobile devices, more payment options and cutting edge loyalty programmes, clearly show that people want to spend more if given the opportunity. Adding to this more online shops without their analogue equivalents, we can see growth in revenue on the business side and more savings on customer’s.


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